The conclusion of the activities of the CDIS-EGYPT Egypt Cybersecurity and Information Intelligence Systems Conference and Exhibition

Aya Hussein

The activities of the CDIS-EGYPT Egypt Conference and Exhibition on Cybersecurity and Information Intelligence Systems concluded with an unprecedented presence amid the presence of senior regional and global cybersecurity officials. The exhibition and conference, which was held for 3 years, Days in the period from to May 220 shed light on the current situation and the future of cyber security locally and internationally and discuss The developments of the sector in Egypt, the Middle East, North Africa and the world, in support of the strategic direction of digital transformation in the Egyptian state and within the framework of the Egyptian state’s interest in the file of cybersecurity and information security in the presence of high-level representatives from the relevant ministries, in addition to a selection of decision makers and executives from local and international technology companies and a number of Experts, officials and prominent personalities globally and locally concerned with cybersecurity affairs and a large number of major local and international companies concerned with the latest hardware, software and technology systems specialized in defense systems, information technology and cyberspace protection, exceeding the number of exhibitors at the exhibition 30 among companies And local and international institutions, with the participation of a delegation of specialists from the Ministry of Defense and the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, and the number of visitors exceeded 6000 participants throughout the days of the exhibition, which witnessed a number of important sessions and presentations, and huge activities for youth, including We Innovate Hackathon, with a total of prizes of 18 thousand dollars, and with the participation of a large number of contestants and those interested in cybersecurity, as the number of applicants for the Hackathon reached 220 advanced, 220 was accepted A contestant among them with technology projects and ideas that support the state’s orientation towards developing the information infrastructure.

The first edition of the conference and the Egypt Exhibition for Cybersecurity and Information Intelligence Systems came under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and with the support of the Ministry Higher education and scientific research, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Electricity, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, the Suez Canal Authority, the Supreme Council for Cybersecurity, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the National Authority for Administration and Investment, the National Center for Computer and Network Emergency Preparedness, the General Assembly of the Computer Emergency Response Team of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Helwan University and Port Said University, where it was targeted Egypt Conference and Exhibition for Cybersecurity and Defense Systems

Intelligence CDIS-EGYPT All those interested in the cybersecurity sector, starting from students and recent graduates interested in specializing in this field, emerging companies in the field of technology, cybersecurity and intelligence experts, information security managers and heads of departments Information, senior security officers, and senior technologists, in addition to pioneers in the cybersecurity industry, government officials, and decision-makers, most notably Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, Head of the Executive Office of the Supreme Council for Cybersecurity in Egypt, Dr. Mohamed El Kuwaiti, Head of the Cybersecurity Department in the UAE Government, and Dr. Sherif Hazem, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt for the cybersecurity sector, Dr. Hyung Yol Yum, Chairman of the ITU Study Groups, South Korea, and Eng. Badr bin Ali Al-Salhi, Director General of the National Center for Informatics Safety in the Sultanate of Oman and Head of the Regional Center for Cybersecurity of the International Telecommunication Union Dr. Haj Amiruddin Abdul Wahab, CEO of the Cyber ​​Security Agency in Malaysia, and Eng. Bassam Al-Maharma, Head of the Jordanian National Center for Cyber ​​Security.

The activities also included a number of important sessions, which included issues of war. In addition to a number of presentations, the most prominent of which is a presentation of the United Arab Emirates on its environmental development and practices in the field of cybersecurity, presented by Dr. My presentation to Huawei on the job of Chief Intelligence and Information Security Officer, Arab Regional Cybersecurity Center, National Initiative for Smart Green Projects, and how to counter surface attack at the national level, as reviewed by Dr. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, Head of the Executive Office of the Supreme Council for Cybersecurity in Egypt, Egypt’s efforts to develop the cybersecurity system, and Dr. Sherif Hazem, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt for the cybersecurity sector, reviewed in a comprehensive and informative presentation the efforts of the Central Bank in preserving and protecting the financial system from cyberattacks and developing technological capabilities to reach its latest findings Cybersecurity technology, in addition to presenting the efforts of some sister countries in achieving cybersecurity, as well as achieving risk management and resilience at the national level, inspiring discussions about cloud computing and cybersecurity at the national level, and the use of artificial intelligence and intelligence to determine early warning of crises, as well as community awareness of the importance of cybersecurity And highlighting the most important technologies for defense systems, along with the use of mental technologies and artificial intelligence to manage massive Internet solutions, prevention and management of digital fraud in the financial services industry, protecting children via the Internet: achieving a balance between protection and empowerment, and cyber warfare.

On the sidelines of the events, the periodic meeting of the regional group for the Arab region of the International Telecommunication Union was held. UNICEF also presented a series of activities that included a number of discussion sessions and activities related to child protection from the dangers of cyber attacks and children’s rights in the digital world.

Dr. Ahmed Abdel Hafez, Head of the Executive Office of the Supreme Council for Cybersecurity in Egypt, expressed his great happiness with the success of the first edition of the CDIS-Egypt Conference and Exhibition and its appearance in the dazzling way it appeared and the culmination of the efforts of the Egyptian state.

He indicated The fact that the event comes at its current timing is in line with Egypt’s vision under the leadership of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to support and strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities in Egypt, and he added, “Egypt is making great and huge efforts to continuously develop the cybersecurity file, and that the CDIS-Egypt conference is a success as evidence and testimony to Egypt’s position in regional cybersecurity.

Regarding the prominent participation in the first edition, Mohamed El-Saedy, Managing Director and CEO of TriTech for Advanced Technology and Solutions, the company organizing the conference and exhibition, said, “The volume of participation and interaction that we witnessed during the days of events It exceeded expectations, especially from young people and students of various universities, which prompts us to think more and more about supporting these capabilities and directing that passion and those minds to the path of development and technological growth and building the Egyptian mind capable of dealing with all forms of cyberattacks. The Egypt Exhibition for Cybersecurity and Information Intelligence Systems CDIS-EGYPT is sponsored by a large number of major international companies, namely Huawei, Microsoft, Liquid C2, Psychild, e-Finance, Fortinet, and Kaspersky. Its activities also included the launch of the “WE Innovate” hackathon for youth. Which specialized in entrepreneurship in the field of cybersecurity under the auspices of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the National Center for Emergency Preparedness for Computers and Networks EG-CERET in support and empowerment of youth interested in the file of cybersecurity and information technology.