Mukhtar Tawfiq: – The financiers of the fourth phase of the electronic receipt system must quickly register all POS devices

Fathi Al-Sayeh

– The application of the fourth phase (the first sub-stage) of the electronic receipt system has begun since April 2023.

– Providing technical support to financiers who are obliged to join the electronic delivery system through workshops and awareness seminars.

Mukhtar Tawfiq, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority, called on the financiers of the fourth stage (the first sub-stage) of the electronic receipt system to quickly join the system, by registering all their POS devices on the POS platform, so that their devices can be activated as soon as possible, by Through the following link:

Pointing to the commencement of the implementation of the fourth phase (the first sub-stage) of the system in 15 April 2023, according to Binding Decision No. (168 ) for a year 2023 .

“Mukhtar Tawfiq” emphasized the interest’s keenness to provide the necessary technical support for financiers to join the electronic receipt system, through Holding workshops to provide technical support to the financiers of the fourth stage (the first sub-stage) of the electronic receipt system, in order to introduce the system, explain how to integrate with it, and answer all their inquiries about the system, pointing out that the organization of these workshops aims to assist in the correct application of the system, and provide information on the controls And the provisions for issuing electronic tax receipts as required by law, and providing the necessary technical support to taxpayers to issue tax receipts electronically on the actual operating environment, starting from the date of commitment to the system in 15 last April For the electronic receipt system, view the videos that the Authority provided on the Authority’s website, through the link of your guide to dealing with the electronic receipt

He added that the authority has provided specialized guides that explain all aspects of the system through the same link, and financiers can follow the dates of technical workshops organized by the Egyptian Tax Authority to respond to technical inquiries, which are announced on the same link in (your guide to dealing with The electronic receipt). Inquiries on the hotline 674, inquiries can also be sent to the following e-mail: