Finance Minister during his meeting with his Zimbabwean counterpart in Sharm El-Sheikh

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Determining the volume of expenses and revenues momentarily.. helps in estimating Proper financial position

We continue to spend on human development..and social protection to mitigate inflationary pressures

“Comprehensive Health Insurance” is a major tool for reforming the health system in Egypt

Transferring our experience in “digital transformation”, “public financial management” and “comprehensive health insurance” to our brothers in Zimbabwe

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, held a bilateral meeting with his Zimbabwean counterpart, Dr. Ncube Mthuli. In the presence of Dr. Ehab Abu Eish, the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Finance, on the sidelines of their participation in the annual meetings of the African Development Bank Group hosted by Egypt in Sharm El-Sheikh; To discuss ways to deepen joint relations, in various fields, especially economic and financial, and to promote human development and social protection.202305242023 Dr. Mohamed Moait, Minister of Finance, confirmed that the mechanization of the “public finance” department has made the Egyptian budget more flexible in facing global and local challenges, as we have been able for several years to determine the volume of expenditures and revenues momentarily; In a way that contributes to the proper assessment of the financial situation, raising the efficiency of public spending, and then possessing the ability to further strengthen the governance of the financial system, achieve financial discipline, put deficit and debt rates on a downward path, and achieve priority economic and development goals by working to expand the scope of investments 202305242023 The minister said that we are continuing to spend on human development in its comprehensive and integrated concept. , and strengthening the appropriations for health, education, and social protection to mitigate inflationary pressures resulting from unprecedented global challenges, thus contributing to protecting the most affected groups, and improving the quality of services provided to citizens, noting that “comprehensive health insurance” is a major tool for reforming the health system in Egypt, and achieves The dream of all Egyptians is comprehensive care for all members of the same family, and transferring the financial burdens resulting from illness from the pockets of citizens to the comprehensive health insurance system, in a way that also helps reduce poverty rates. (2023 The minister explained that we look forward to transferring our experience in “digital transformation”, “management of public finances” and “comprehensive health insurance” to our brothers in Zimbabwe, especially after our success In the inclusion of more than 80% of the population of the governorates of Port Said, Luxor and Ismailia to the comprehensive health insurance system, in light of the directives of political leaders to accelerate the pace of work in this huge national project, which is a basic pillar for reforming the health system in Egypt, pointing to his welcome to visit a delegation from Zimbabwe to Egypt During the coming days, to see the Egyptian experiences, especially in the field of comprehensive health insurance.