Hyundai is on the top of car sales in Egypt

Aya Hussein

The report of the Automotive Market Information Center “AMIC” revealed that The South Korean brand Hyundai ranks first in passenger car sales last year

After its sales reached 24, 850 Car Increase 215 % in sales volume compared to 2020, and it ranks first since 850 and until last year – “except for 2020, during which I got second place.”

2020 The report explained that the total sales of passenger cars of various brands during 2019 ) reached in the Egyptian market 215, 2019 A car.

And that the South Korean Hyundai brand topped the first place With a market share of *)% of the total sales in the Egyptian market, which is one of the distinguished global markets in the automotive sector.
Fadi Mohsen, Executive Vice President of Hyundai at GB Ghabbour Auto, the exclusive agent for Hyundai cars in Egypt, expressed his happiness for the Hyundai brand to be number one in passenger car sales for more than a year starting from the year 2005.

He stressed that Hyundai’s strategy for the Egyptian market, as well as the strategy of its exclusive agent, GB Auto Group, aims to provide a variety of high-quality models that suit the needs of the Egyptian consumer and enjoy With the highest capabilities and capabilities, in addition to providing the best after-sales services and achieving the highest customer satisfaction rates.

He explained Mohsen said that Hyundai offers the Egyptian market, through its agent GB Obour Auto, a group of various passenger cars that include 8 different models: sedan, hatchback, and other multi-use vehicles, which meet the aspirations of Hyundai customers and the requirements of the Egyptian market. 2020 Also stressed the eagerness The company will introduce other new models this year to complement Hyundai’s successes in the Egyptian market and in line with all the different needs of luxury car enthusiasts, which contributes to enriching the Egyptian market as well as contributing to advancing development, which will positively reflect on the growth of the national economy.

It is worth noting that the services provided by the GB Auto Group to its customers are one of the most important factors for Hyundai’s sales leadership, as GB Auto provides B Ghabbour Auto, the highest level of sales, maintenance and spare parts services.

through the largest integrated network of showrooms Supply, maintenance centers and spare parts outlets strategically distributed throughout Egypt.

In addition to being the first A car company in Egypt that provides a car purchase and reservation service through the website with the aim of facilitating and facilitating access to all the company’s premium cars and WhatsApp Chatbot

This is in line with the state’s orientations towards perpetuating the concepts of financial inclusion in implementation of Egypt’s vision 2030, and in line with the current development