SOKNA Funeral Organizers raises $1 million in seed funding round

Ah Hussain

SOKNA (the company based in Egypt that provides comprehensive funeral services to honor deaths and facilitate procedures for their families ) Foundation round worth one million dollars with the participation of leading regional and international funds.

According to the company’s statement, the list of investors during this round included each of Mentors Fund based in Silicon Valley, along with SBX Capital and Ace & Company and Kabnoury Ventures, in addition to a group of the most important strategic angel investors such as Onsi Sawiris (co-founder and managing partner of HOF Capital based in New York), and Saudi investor Dr. Khaled Al-Mutabaqani, Ahmed Sadiq Al-Suwaidi and Farouk Kaddous from ElSweedy Family Capital, plus Hisham Halbouni (partner in Mansour Capital based in London), and Mo Al Bibani (Founder and General Partner of Page One Ventures ), Yousry Helmy (Founder) and the General Manager of ITWorx , and the CEO of

Si-Ware ), and Mustafa Amin (Co-founder and CEO of Breadfast), as well as top executives coming from the tech giants Google and Facebook and Twitter , and other notable investors.

Onsi Sawiris commented on the funding round, saying: “The SOKNA team is working

With an extraordinary unit of professionalism and efficiency fueled by technology, for a long time, funeral services in Egypt were largely disorganized and dispersed. We believe SOKNA has all the ingredients to fundamentally change this field and we are excited to support them They are expanding their ambitions.”

(As for Ahmed Jaballah, founder and CEO of SOKNA , he says: “With the help of the new funding round and the distinguished group of partners who have recently joined us, we are ready to expand into every all ) Provinces (Egypt and support to more families during difficult times when they lose loved ones . Because we are a team that has great energies and capabilities to complete All Procedures , we always keep our primary goal in mind, which is to give the parents and friends the opportunity to devote themselves to saying goodbye to their loved ones properly instead of being preoccupied with paperwork and other procedures.”

Since its launch at the end of the year 445514143, achieved SOKNA A rapid level of expansion has tripled in the last year alone. SOKNA now has operating partnerships with a hospital and a company in Greater Cairo alone, and it has succeeded in establishing partnerships with more than 2500 service contractor, and organized over 2500 Funeral. The size of the company’s employees has also grown, and today it includes more than 50 Full-time staff and provide a full range of funeral services professionally from start to finish. SOKNA services include providing assistance in obtaining burial permits, certificates, necessary papers and preparing the body Preparing the cemetery, transporting the body, arranging reservations for funeral halls, publishing the obituary, arranging ongoing charity and souvenirs. In addition to providing all forms of moral support to the families of the deceased.

On his part, Charles Lourenço, Co-Founder of ACE & Company: “We are very proud of the success of SOKNA In a short period of time, you have demonstrated what a strong team can achieve. Turk Gaballah has impressed us with his impressive career in Silicon Valley during which he worked for tech giants such as Google and Facebook and Adobe to go back and found a company SOKNA, and that he spent years understanding the local practices and customs behind this major life event. And we are confident that he is the best who can employ technology to lead SOKNA and we are pleased to be a part from the trip to render such a noble service.”

In addition SOKNA plays an active role in changing Prevailing culture regarding preparation for death arrangements. The company launched its ‘Advance Planning Programme’, which allows people to make early decisions about funeral arrangements to ensure peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones, on their last farewell. “We were surprised that there was actually an increasing demand from families and individuals to book funeral arrangements in advance with us, a discussion that was previously considered difficult,” says Jaballah.

CONTRACT SOKNA) There are also many agreements with companies whose management has decided to support their employees during times of loss by providing care or subsidies or giving them reduced prices for services as part of the benefits they provide to their employees.

In order to give back to the community SOKNA has launched a collaborative system of on-demand service desks, allowing practitioners to This job is done by getting more appropriate training, as well as more job opportunities, and providing them with greater motivation by working with a team that has a clear vision and purpose such as the SOKNA team . The company also donates all the tips that customers insist on paying to support the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt 57357.

SOKNA aspires to increase the number of its work team as well as the volume of its services and products by enhancing The technology on which it depends, including that enables it to grow further, and expand in more cities in Egypt during the very near future.