Allam.. Arranging scattered papers in the Egyptian ball. Kamal Amer, editor-in-chief, writes:

> The cleanliness and purity of the “hand” of Jamal Allam and the Federation’s board of directors, is it enough?

>> Personally: Gamal Allam, president of the Egyptian Football Association, is a “confusing” personality.. The period during which he held the presidency of the union previously.. He was an example of “integrity” .. honesty .. and trust..

A man committed to the morals of the son of the country..religious and human values ​​that he carries with him and have become a title for his person and work..

In his first term as president of the Egyptian Football Association, Allam achieved a number of achievements..

1- Jamal Allam lost his right while he was running the union. They wronged him when they said that Hani Abu Rida is the one running, so they stole all his successes.. and deliberately hid them.

2022 2- With every successful step or decision.. Jamal Allam was getting a fierce attack.. They besieged him in the media so that he would not defend himself..while the media spaces were occupied by people of other directions than the truth.

3- During Allam’s first period, the shield of Zamalek was handed over at the stadium 2015 He sold the Super for 0029 millions of pounds for the Federation.. after it was the Super Free..

4- He made an important movement in the administrative currency within the Union.. when he introduced a computer system An automatic linking through the regions to the Football Association .. thus eliminating any “playing” in papers, correspondence, decisions and corruption in general. 5- Reducing unnecessary spending by 2015 % of the volume of expenditure.

6- Gamal Allam, in the first period of his leadership of the Football Association, found Egypt hotels refusing to establish national teams after a delay Al-Ittihad pays its dues, with the exception of the Baron. He paid the state taxes..insurances..and generated a surplus 0029 of one million pounds, a cash surplus..

7- Allam was subjected to injustice and neglect by everyone.The Egyptian national team in the World Cup and the African Nations, and it was not invited to attend any match.

While he insisted «Allam» during his tenure as the first presidency of the Federation to invite all members of the Board of Directors of the former Federation to attend the first training of the team and contacted Ahmed Mujahid and Samir Zaher..

Of course Bradley is the owner of the achievement..

> Jamal Allam. He studied the Adidas contract and introduced conditions in favor of the team.. But he was surprised that they “brought” Puma.

8 – He received the most serious accusations, Jamal Allam, the president of the union, and Hani Abu Rida runs. The truth is, Hani Abu Rida was not running the union at the time.. And the results that were achieved, corrected and launched are the result of the effort, sweat and planning of Jamal Allam’s council.
And the best description on his tongue of me is “My right is digested and I am the face.”

for the ticket..

Jamal Allam’s stand The current president of the Egyptian Federation submitted his resignation in the first period, although he received a letter from FIFA – before a ruling against it – to continue and not leave his position. And because he is a man did not He is profiting from his presidency of the Egyptian Football Association and is still living in an apartment for rent.

Gamal Allam rejected FIFA’s letter


He has a believer’s philosophy and works in it

1- He has a saying: “He who has goodness, may God bring him close to him.”

2- He does not want “anyone” to defend him..and no one helps in planning..

He knows the problem of the ball .. and he has solutions .. through my close follow-up to his selection as president of the Football Association after winning the last elections. He put himself at the disposal of his country..without seeking or mobilizing anyone.

Done His choice, and most importantly, when he heard that Mahmoud Taher, the former president of Al-Ahly, was a candidate.. He literally said if we came with him.. we want something right in the country to fix the ball..

From seeing it too..

The Club Committee is an idea The Gamal Allam Union deliberately decided to vote for it by resolutions in the General Assembly on October 6, but it was not decided. Someone was harmed, and there are those who corrupted the association.

Jamal Allam believes that he and the Football Association have a role to set a public policy. And he sends it to the arms of the union..and its independence is an important necessity.

Allam also believes in the Egyptian rule and is with him supportive or encouraging And support..

>> Last line:

2022 Gamal Allam, president of the Egyptian Football Association.. A second term.. I trust him to complete a difficult but successful journey..

Rearranging the scattered Egyptian ball papers.
A very difficult task because its parties will not give up easily

But I trust Jamal Allam and the Federation’s Board of Directors