“Manassat” launches the “Eclipse” project in New Cairo

Aya Hussein

MENASSAT Real Estate Development Company has launched its latest project, in the heart of New Cairo, which is the “Eclipse” project, which is located on an area . square meters on St.

The Northern Nineties And near Al-Orouba Road and next to the Administrative Control Building and the Banks District

and all the main roads and landmarks of New Cairo, with a total investment of up to 600 one million pound.

Eng. Tariq Bahaa, CEO of “Manassat”, said: that the company succeeded in a short period not exceeding The 545 months of presenting two new projects for the Egyptian real estate market; The first is Bodia Tower Commercial, Administrative, Medical

in the Administrative Capital, which we have succeeded in achieving a large percentage of sales of about 40 % in only 9 months, and today we launch our latest project “Eclipse”, which is

Commercial Administrative Medical

Integrated. The company’s investments during 2022 amount to about 4360 Million Egyptian Pounds.

Bahaa stressed that platforms did not come to the Egyptian real estate market to build some buildings or real estate, but mainly aimed at providing integrated urban communities that are implemented with the highest standards of engineering quality that are characterized by sustainability and high investment value for all owners, explaining that the company is on its way To obtain two of the most important and largest international certificates that are granted to administrative and commercial buildings that are characterized by sustainability and a healthy environment, the first is the certificate

Fitwel , which is granted to the most buildings with sound health specifications that enhance the well-being of the work environment for companies, and the second is the certificate LEED It is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability awarded to green office and commercial buildings that improve Increase business efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and create healthier places. Bahaa explained that the real estate market in Egypt is witnessing a great development during the current period, especially commercial and administrative units – according to recent market studies – especially in light of the desire and orientation of investors and company owners to expand and be present in the most strategic places. The same promising future in the business and trade sectors, which is what characterizes the site of the new project. On his part, Moataz Shalaby, Head of the Commercial Sector at MENASSAT, said The Eclipse project offers an ideal blend of urban space, basic amenities, and distinctive design in a well-established business complex, explaining that the design of the project is inspired by the latest futuristic building standards that make it a recreational and practical destination, With administrative spaces suitable for various business and corporate sectors, while retail spaces are located in the middle of a commercial complex that provides an experience Exquisite shopping with a unique and distinctive mix of products, including exclusive stores, restaurants, cafes and entertainment areas.

Shalaby said The project includes about 600 units ranging in size from

square meters to 600 square metres, ensuring the provision of spacious and luxurious spaces, noting that Manasat is cooperating in the implementation of the “Eclipse” project with the Emirati “Eltizam” group for asset management, which is one of the leading companies in providing the latest construction management technologies, facilities, and real estate , and energy. Using smart building technology, you will be responsible for managing the facilities and assets of the project, as well as the company LDP+Partners for engineering and responsible consultancy About the designs of the project, which is an Egyptian joint partnership company, one of the most prominent THEIR PROJECTS Stadium Plaza

in Jeddah and Al-Rashid Tower in Kuwait and Jizan

The iconic in Saudi Arabia. Shalaby confirms that despite the recent presence of the MENASSAT company in the real estate market, it has succeeded in record time to gain the trust of its customers thanks to its commitment and sincerity in the promises it makes regarding Its projects, in addition to its distinguished work team that possesses very large experience in the field of development industry, and fully believes in the necessity of developing this industry in line with the aspirations and desires of future customers.