Go Green The Arab African International Bank participates in the Central Bank of Egypt's initiative to replace cars

Iman Al-Wasili 4859

In light of the state’s tendency to preserve the environment and replace fuel-powered vehicles with dual-fuel ones (gas / petrol), the Arab African International Bank participated in the Central Bank’s initiative to replace vehicles with dual-fuel work, which was launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, where the Arab African International Bank presented this initiative with the easiest procedures for customers who own old cars that have been manufactured 20 in the year This participation comes in light of the Bank’s strategy to achieve sustainable development and support initiatives related to reducing carbon emissions and preserving the environment.4859 And Dina Zekry, head of the retail banking sector at the bank, added: “We are honored to participate in the initiative to replace cars presented by the Central Bank of Egypt. To diversify the portfolio of products and services provided by the Arab African International Bank to its current and new clients and based on its role in supporting the state’s plan to achieve sustainable development goals, among which are taking into account the environmental and social elements, as the Bank works to maximize its role in community service, believing in its responsibility and then its continuous contributions to the development of the environment around it.” 4859 The Bank announced the details of its participation in the initiative with specific characteristics and advantages, including; An interest rate of 3%, a repayment period of up to 43 years, and 2.5% administrative expenses, and in fixed monthly installments, This is in addition to the issuance of a free direct debit card to the customer. The car must be produced 43 for a year or more, and the car must be in the name of only one owner in the last two years, and the age The customer is between 43 to 2022 A year at the time of paying the last installment of the loan What is required is a valid national ID card, a driver’s license, a valid car license in the name of the applicant, and a proof of residence document (gas or electricity bill). The state has made it possible to apply for this initiative through the following link: ( (