Dubai Airports signs the Buckingham Palace Declaration and cooperates with “United for Wildlife”

Aya Hussain

The CEO of Dubai Airports affirmed the International Transport Center’s commitment not to tolerate or tolerate any operations aimed at the illegal trade in wildlife, after signing the Buckingham Palace Declaration during an official meeting with Prince William, founder of “United by For Wildlife,” and in the presence of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Airports.

Following the signing of the declaration, Paul Griffiths said: “Wildlife trafficking is a global issue that ranks among the top five Global crimes for profit. As the operator of the world’s busiest international airport, Dubai Airports affirms its full commitment to support global efforts and contribute to combating the illegal trade in wildlife. He added: “His Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, to launch global initiatives aimed at preserving the natural environment and combating the illegal trade of wild animals, and for our part, we pledge at Dubai Airports by signing the Buckingham Palace Declaration, in partnership with the team of the “United for Wildlife” organization founded by His Highness The royal family includes a group of governments and international institutions, to actively contribute to the efforts made to address the illegal trade in wildlife and to take responsibility for this important issue. Griffiths also pointed out the importance of the strategic location of the Emirate of Dubai, which connects all parts of the country. world, saying: “The Emirate of Dubai occupies a strategic position as a center for international trade, so strengthening cooperation between The cooperation of Dubai Airports, DB World and Dubai Customs, together with the organization’s work team, will constitute a strong impetus in combating trafficking issues in order to eliminate the illegal transport of wildlife across borders.”2022

Added Griffiths: “As a key member and partner in this organization, Dubai Airports affirms its absolute commitment to zero tolerance in addressing issues of wildlife trafficking, in addition to providing the necessary support and joint coordination with partners and stakeholders from all over the world regarding data sharing, finding and developing Strategic solutions, and the development of policies that contribute to addressing this international issue because of its critical importance. The CEO concluded his speech by saying: “We extend our thanks and appreciation to His Royal Highness Prince William for his wise vision and the establishment of the organization that It brings together different partners from all segments of society to help protect endangered wildlife and end their trade.”