In a big celebration, during which the values ​​of loyalty were embodied: “Suez Canal Insurance” honors the success partners

Iman Al-Wasili:

Embodying the values ​​of loyalty and appreciation for everyone who gave, gave and contributed to the achievements of the company.. Suez Canal Insurance organized its annual ceremony to honor the distinguished partners of success. In the productive apparatus of the company, as well as honoring the distinguished branches, insurance brokers, and insurance brokerage companies, and their number reached about thirty individuals.

In a speech he delivered to the company’s leaders and officials and the attendees.. Eng. Mohamed Adel Fathy confirmed saying: We at Suez Canal Insurance are proud and proud that our company is The first private insurance company in Egypt, and that it was established with Egyptian capital, and that it enjoys a great sense of patriotism that pushed it from the beginning of its work to be a strong supporter of the state’s development efforts.

Engineer Mohamed Adel Fathy went on to say: Our company is distinguished by being an authentic partner for development, and is able to cover all projects, whether established by the state or the private sector, of their diversity, and how big their cost is, and our proof of that Our success in providing insurance protection for huge projects worth billions, such as the Rod al-Farag axis, the canal tunnels, metro stages, giant power stations, and other projects, whether in new cities, the administrative capital, or in various governorates of the Republic.

At the conclusion of his speech, Eng. Mohamed Adel Fathy called the company’s employees to exert more effort and reach areas that the company did not reach, innovate new products, and double the volume of production.

From For his part, Mohamed Hassan Farghaly, Managing Director of the company, confirmed that the Suez Canal Insurance was established not only to remain, but to compete for the top spot in the market in light of what it actually possesses of strong financial solvency, trained and qualified human expertise at the highest level, and great technical capabilities, indicating that the Suez Canal Insurance keeps pace with all developments locally, Arab and international, and is always proactive in translating the directives of both the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Egyptian Insurance Federation. Especially for Jordan and Libya, adding that the market is still

Mohamed Hassan Farghaly also revealed in his speech that Suez Canal Insurance is actually studying the introduction of new “online” products during the coming period and launching an “online” advertising campaign, calling on success partners from producers, insurance brokers, companies and individuals to keep pace with the development and support the company in its directions.