In cooperation with the US Agency for International Development and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education:

Iman Al-Wasili
Basil El Heni: Misr Insurance Holding Group is the largest group Non-banking finance in Egypt invests in the human element as its foundation for construction and progress.

Omar Gouda: The establishment of the Misr International Insurance School for Applied Technology is a step to prepare a generation that will be the nucleus for the prosperity of the insurance industry in Egypt.

Misr Insurance Company, one of the companies of the Misr Insurance Holding Group and the leading company in property insurance in the Egyptian market, signed a memorandum of understanding To establish the Misr Insurance International School for Applied Technology in Minya Governorate in cooperation with the Egypt Workforce Project funded by the US Agency for International Development, Workforce Egypt, USAID Funded Project and the Ministry of Education (MOETE) in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Public Business Sector / Hisham Tawfiq, His Excellency the Minister of Planning and Economic Development Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, His Excellency the Minister of Education and Technical Education Dr. Tarek Shawky and His Excellency Ambassador / Jonathan R. Cohen, the Ambassador of the United States of America in Cairo, and Mr. Gregory Nebelt, Vice President of the Training and Cooperation Group (MTC) for Economic and Social Development.

Basel Al-Hini, Chairman and Managing Director of Misr Insurance Holding Company, the largest and oldest non-banking financial entity in Egypt, confirmed that this partnership comes within the group’s strategy that places investment Whether financial or human in mind, therefore, the group has the largest institutional investment portfolio in Egypt that exceeds 75.7 billion pounds and today we invest in human capital, which is the cornerstone and the basic foundation for building and progress, stressing that the applied technology schools are schools that work on the application of international standards in teaching and training methods, and that the goal of their establishment is to contribute to the upgrading and advancement of the system Technical education in Egypt and the preparation of qualified graduates to work in the market by providing students with the required skills and experiences that make them qualified to enter the labor market, in addition to what will result from the existence of an application school To teach the art of insurance and its tools in order to increase insurance awareness among the members of the Egyptian society. On his part, Omar Gouda, Managing Director and CEO of Misr Insurance Company, expressed his great happiness at signing this partnership, stressing that it was not the first time that Misr Insurance Company participated in the educational process. It has the establishment of a middle school bearing its name in the nineties to be one of the first companies concerned with building and educating people, and the company believes in the importance of the role of sustainable development that companies play in achieving the goals of society and creating a balance between social, economic and environmental sustainability and in order to achieve the fourth goal of the United Nations sustainable development goal, which is represented In ensuring equitable and inclusive quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all, this partnership and cooperation comes with the US Agency for International Development and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education to establish the Misr Insurance International School for Applied Technology.
Judeh indicated that insurance materials will be taught And marketing, in addition to technological curricula and training on the digitization of services in order to refine students with the technical and technological means used in insurance companies, which will qualify them to enter the insurance market, whether as workers or producers, which will revive the industry and work on preparing a trained and competent rising generation, which in turn will be reflected on the insurance industry as a whole. And the percentage of its contribution to Egypt’s GDP, and for Egypt Insurance to be the leading company in the Egyptian market, the pioneer in preparing a generation that would have an impact on the growth of the insurance industry in Egypt.
527441. It is worth noting that Misr Insurance Company celebrates in January this year the 88 ) a year after its establishment by the pioneer of the national economy Talaat Harb in 75 January 496 to be the first insurance company with Egyptian capital and purely Egyptian management to provide insurance protection The projects built by the Egyptians In support of national independence, it represents the first nucleus of the emergence of the national insurance industry in Egypt and the main supporter of the launch of the national economy through its contribution to providing insurance protection for economic projects and to fertilize the name of Egypt with the strength, legacy and insistence of Egypt’s homeland.
These years were the experiences, expertise and difficulties that the company was able to overcome. Achieving success is like stepping up the company’s ladder and its distinction to move towards the future with confident steps based on experience honed by the experiences of the past years and cadres and competencies that the company abounds in to move from an ancient past to a bright present and a future full of hope and ambition.