Sheraton The club.2 .. Kamal Amer, editor-in-chief writes:

I noticed :
1- The Ministry of Youth has succeeded in achieving the largest financial figures in the world Sports investment in youth centers and clubs for the private sector..


2- Dr. Ashraf Sobhi was successful in changing all the rules governing between the investor and the government. Note that the Ministry of Youth is a service ministry. He introduced a number of new concepts to the investment file. When he implemented the “Invest in what the Ministry desires” initiative, it became apparent To the youth and the government “…in the sense of making clear the investment in the ministry’s projects agenda”
3- Paying and launching the ministry’s clubs. Sobhi achieved through it – the realization of the vision of the state and the ministry, and the club is a platform for community service. He added to the legacies From the role of clubs. Capacity development.. Comprehensive development. Thought, culture and character building.. Entertainment. Exploitation of time. Dissemination and promotion of values. Building body and soul…

and achieving gains and marketing in order to achieve what is profitable for him to spend on me Services

4- Sobhi achieved an important goal behind launching clubs and youth development centers in the governorates, and it was clearer when he agreed on membership prices in line with the family’s income. This prompted all clubs to abandon the increase in membership fees. The price of the exaggerated memberships, including those who froze the increase decisions, and some of them reduced them, and provided an incentive package

Adjusting the prices of membership in clubs is one of the most important consequences of entering the ministry into the marathon of building clubs. I think within two years The depression pervades club memberships because of the Ministry’s clubs
Sheraton Club. Waiting for the opening ceremony. It enters the stage of readiness. Dr. Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board and members, and emergency for the opening.. Frills and a touch of beauty..

6- Branch of the Sheraton Club. It achieved investments amounting to one billion and 420 million pounds.. the result of marketing new ideas and a vision by integrating the investor with the Ministry’s plans…
and wary Also …….

> Membership of famous clubs between 20220202 A up
A thousand pounds and the family suffers

Club membership – now – I see it coming before housing improvement.. or changing the car.. I am convinced that the family is in light of the existing challenges and challenges Diversity in dire need of club membership..

The walls of the club.. They serve as protection for the family from the evils of society.. Sports is a means.
The Egyptian State I was alerted, convinced and launched the most important initiatives by transforming clubs, youth development centers and youth centers into platforms for human building and community service.. 1- In turn, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Minister Dr. Ashraf Sobhy launched the National Youth Strategy and a package of laws and regulations

2- Ashraf Sobhi’s belief in the club’s role, giving the opportunity to introduce elements of attraction and development in the clubs’ work and functions. 3- And because the clubs The existing history depends on boards of directors that do not have many options to complete the role of clubs.

From here, the Minister of Youth and Sports decided to enter the ministry in Bena Clubs.

) 4—- The Club October series.. Sheraton Residences.. the new administrative capital.. a first stage.. it took into account the provision of all elements of attractions and various services to family members with a clear focus And at the highest technical and technical level. 5- In The Club series, you find a structure for sports for women..for girls..youth..for the family..with people Al-Hamm..Activities with clear goals that serve the personality as skills development.

6- In The Club2 Sheraton.. The second branch in the series Components of the project Swimming complex.. Olympic pool.. and covered entertainment.. Hall Gym.. Walkway track.. Bicycle track.. Restaurant.. Electronic games room.. Billiard halls.. Table tennis.. Bowling.. Football courts.. Multi.. Five.. Paddle tennis.. Squash.. Covered hall. Roman theater.. Children’s play area.. Restaurants.. Cafeterias.. Bank area.. Administrative offices.

Projects have been contracted in border 300 Million and 4749781 pounds..and projects are being proposed in One million pounds..and other projects with one billion and one million pound.

As for the construction, the work phases were implemented within the limits of 231134 -085 % of the volume of business..

> The Board of Trustees headed by Dr. Ahmed El Sheikh is in a race against time to complete the project and inaugurate it.

The club’s administrative system headed by Dr. Ahmed El-Sheikh..and in emergency to prepare for the opening ceremony..and Dr..Ashraf Sobhi and surprising field visits..a vision and belief in the success of The Club 2. Sheraton at the service of the residents of the region..

>> The Sheraton Club was implemented on the basis of investment witnessed by the Egyptian sport for the first time in terms of size and type.. It is the first time in the history of the Ministry that it succeeded in achieving The size of its investment plans without bearing the state..
> The new equation is that the Ministry of Youth and Sports is the one that builds and not others, and the success of the Minister of Youth in attracting partners from investors is a very important matter, but I do not exaggerate, as I said that Ashraf Sobhi succeeded in setting new approaches and rules in the relationship between the state and the private sector. “Note here the segment of the investor interested in youth and sports,” this particular relationship that contributed 6 billion pounds as projects within youth centers and clubs.

The Club is a series of clubs to protect the Egyptian society..develop the skills of its members and preserve identity and social peace..
Clubs of the Ministry of Youth in which they maintain quality The service and the prices are adjusted to suit the community in general.

I noticed that the services provided to members are distinguished.. Dr. Ashraf Sobhy emphasized that there should be no exaggeration in subscriptions, memberships and service prices.

He called for the guarantee of the Ministry of Youth, which means trust.. and interest.. and follow-up and development.. Also, I see that this type of project with which Sobhi completes his plans to transform construction And the Ministry’s facilities into a platform for community service.