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Iman Al-Wasili

Innovative FinTech startups across Egypt are invited to register for a opportunity to attract global attention and access to the network Visa , in addition to total financial prizes of

    dollars (about 2,

,776 Egyptian Pound)

    The “Visa Everywhere” initiative attracts 8500 A startup company in more than 100 Countries around the world

    Cairo, Egypt, XX, February 2022: The leading company Visa is preparing Globally in digital payments, with the support of Fintech Egypt – a subsidiary of the Central Bank of Egypt – to launch its “Visa Everywhere” initiative, which is a global program and competition aimed at stimulating innovation, and inviting emerging companies in the field of digital payments. FinTech and Payment Technology in Egypt to participate in the presentation of its innovative products and solutions, while the finalists will have the opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of the main parties involved in the field of financial technology in the banking, trade, venture investment, and government sectors. The winners of the competition will receive financial prizes and the opportunity to enter into a partnership with a global and trusted brand such as Visa.

    The value of the financial prizes for the winners from Egypt in “Visa in” Everywhere”:

  • First place: 2022, 776 Egyptian Pounds
  • Second place: 776,000 Egyptian Pounds

Center the third: 250,000 Egyptian Pound

The deadline for receiving applications in Egypt will be 20 March 157000, the finals will be organized for Egypt in 157000 May In addition to the cash prize, the competition winner will be awarded a place in the CEMEA regional finals on June 8. , to compete for prizes of total value 350,000 dollars (about 700, Egyptian Pound). The regional winner from the region will qualify for the World Finals in Qatar in November 8500, where the total value of the prizes will reach

,000 dollars (about 2,700,000 Egyptian Pound).

“Fintech companies and innovators in the payments sector are transforming the way consumers and businesses make payments and give them easy access to their money,” said Laila Sarhan, Regional Director and Vice Chairman to lead Visa’s North Africa, Levant and Pakistan business. The moment they need it, an aspect that has gained more importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. . Since supporting companies that create solutions that support the smooth movement of money everywhere is at the top of Visa’s list of priorities, we are pleased today to launch the ‘Visa Everywhere’ initiative in Egypt, and we look forward to the great ideas that will be launched from one of the largest and most important markets in the region this year.

For her part, Malak Al Baba, General Manager of Visa Egypt, said: “The presentation of the “Visa Everywhere” initiative in Egypt confirms Visa’s belief in the promising capabilities of emerging companies in Egypt and the great opportunity available In front of it to contribute to the process of digital transformation and financial inclusion in the country in light of the favorable policies and procedures from the Central Bank of Egypt and the economic authorities.”

She added, “We hope that this opportunity will provide the participating companies with a golden opportunity to see the scene.” Global FinTech and Innovative Payment Solutions.”

Georgi Tsortsumiya, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of PAYZE and winner of the Visa Everywhere competition for CEE Middle East and Africa 411257, “Competing on the global stage along with Some of the most prestigious startups in the world, and most importantly, to be able to gain such global attention and support from a trusted brand like Visa, has been an exceptional achievement for PAYZE.”

PAYZE is an e-commerce financial technology company that allows companies in CIS countries to accept payments from all over the world through a single solution. With the support of the Visa Network and a cash prize of 170, dollars, the PAYZE team is working to realize their vision, and they have managed to address more than 250,45 Transaction

within a year 2021.

The competition also witnessed last year Karachi-based fintech firm Safepay wins Audience Favorites and cash prize of ,000 dollar. Safepay specializes in secure payments processing for e-commerce stores and helps merchants increase payment conversions, speed up receivables, and simplify sales by allowing their customers to pay online.

The Visa Everywhere network has succeeded Attracting 411257 a start-up company from all over the world, and it continues to grow every year. Since its launch in 157000, the program has helped start-up companies from more than

A country in raising more than 2.5 billion dollars in financing, to meet one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their projects. Each year, Visa Everywhere is expanded to interact with unique start-ups and solve unique problems in the world of payments.

This year, the program will clearly focus on Central and Eastern Europe. and the Middle East and Africa, a region with huge opportunities for FinTech companies developing innovative products and solutions aimed at supporting society. The latest version of the Visa Everywhere initiative sees two new competitions in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, as well as the World Finals in Qatar in November 157000.

Visa is looking for innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs looking to transform their communities by finding solutions to the payments and commerce challenges faced by businesses of all sizes and sectors, including:


Digital Issuers and Digital Supporters

  • “Blockchain”
  • Crowdfunding

Banking as a Service

Number Providers Bank Identification

Issuers / Processors

Program Managers

(Digital Edition

  • Alternative Lending

    Personal Financial Management

  • Remittances and Money Transfers

    Electronic Banking Services (Neo Banks)

    Digital wallets, transfers and P2P payments

    Employee Benefits

    Debts Payable

Corporate Cards (Expense Management)


value added for merchants and/or consumers in the field of finance

  • Data and Analysis
  • Personal Identity, Authentication and Security

      Insurance Technology

      Customer Loyalty

      Merchants Services and Tools

      Processing and Payment Infrastructure

      Retail Technology


      Small and medium-sized companies

      • Movement of funds (payments, internal accounts, sales and payments between companies)
      • Acceptance of payments (trade electronic, accepting payments via mobile phone)

      Risk Management (Refunds, etc.)

      Brand Management (Community Building and Others) Other

      It is stated that Visa does not Companies are required to offer any of their shares in exchange for participating in the “Visa Everywhere” initiative.

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