The housing spokesman explains how to apply for the medium and luxury housing units scheduled for them within days

Ashraf Tawfik

Engineer Amr Khattab, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Housing, said that the ministry’s new proposal will be for middle-income and luxury units, and it is the second proposal announced by Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing.
Khattab added, during a telephone interview to the program “El Bani Misr” broadcast on Radio Egypt, that the units Most of the offered falls under the umbrella of the Central Bank’s initiatives, which it launched with an interest rate of 3% and installments up to 25 years, explaining that the offering also includes units with an interest rate of 8% and installments up to 25 years, in addition to that all the offered units are fully finished and utilities ready for delivery, and are available to bookers who meet the terms of the financing initiatives.

He pointed out that the announcement of the units by the Housing FundSocial and real estate financing support ensures diversity in the offering, to allow the largest number of beneficiaries, pointing out that the units are distributed between the Sakan Misr project, Dar Misr and JANNA. He said that the proposed projects are distinguished by the diversity of their spaces, units and locations in each city, explaining that the Sakan Misr project ranges in spaces between and 133 m2, and Dar Misr from 100 to me 150 m2, and Jannah project from 133 to m2, stressing that the housing project includes units in the cities of (New October – New Obour – New Cairo – New Minya – Badr – October Gardens – New Damietta – Nasser “West Assiut” – Al-Shorouk) , the citizen pays an amount of 50 one thousand pounds as an advance for the seriousness of the reservation.

With regard to the Dar Misr project, Khattab confirmed that it includes offering ready-made housing units in Cities (Sadat – and 21 May – Shorouk – Tenth of Ramadan – Badr – Tower New Arabs – October Gardens), with a deposit of 50 one thousand pounds as a down payment for the seriousness of the reservation, pointing out that the JANNA project It will be in cities (6 October – New Minya – New Cairo – El Shorouk – El Obour), with areas ranging from 133 m2 And
m2, provided that the citizen pays the amount of
A thousand pounds as an advance for the seriousness of the reservation, pointing out that the ministry is striving to cover all the new cities in the offering, as units were offered for the first time in the JANNA project in the cities of Burj Al Arab, Al Shorouk and Al Obour.

He pointed out that there is a diversity in the prices of the offered units, which are determined according to each city, and the rates of The unit is distinguished and its location, pointing out that the method of obtaining the unit will be the priority of reservation, explaining that those wishing to reserve the unit are required to pay an advance payment of the seriousness of the reservation, and the registration expenses, in addition to registering on the website and obtaining the conditions booklet, which contains a large amount of information starting from introducing the city the location of each project; As well as the areas, units and prices of each unit.

He pointed out that The second step for the customer to do is to print the conditions brochure and write the data, and then he makes an electronic transfer with the seriousness of the reservation submitted according to the value of each project, and that is done through the Egyptian banks that citizens wish to deal with, noting that this stage starts from the period from 17/2/2022 until 3/8/2022.
He said that the period of booking the unit electronically and choosing the city from the site will be available during two periods: the first of 25/3/2022 Even 16/3/2022 For the previous clients who applied to the first announcement of the 3 projects who did not reserve housing units and did not recover the serious advances of reservation, and the second from 50/3/2022 Even 24/3/2022 for all Applicants for the second advertisement and those who previously applied for the first advertisement (who did not reserve housing units and did not recover the serious advances of reservation).
He indicated that after the completion of the aforementioned procedures, the stage of entering into real estate financing begins, which will be available in detail through the conditions booklet, pointing out that one of the most important conditions that must be met by applicants is that the age of The applicant for 21 years during the application period, and the family is not entitled to apply And the reservation of more than one housing unit.

The housing spokesman explained, that The main determinant for applicants to enter the two real estate financing initiatives, is determined according to the monthly income, so that the income of singles does not exceed Thousands of pounds per month, and the family’s income does not exceed 14 A thousand pounds, and therefore the 3% initiative will be available, but in the case of an increase in the income of singles more than
Thousands of pounds, and up to
Thousand pounds And for the family if the income reaches 133 one thousand pounds, in this case the 8% initiative will be 2022
Amr Khattab said, that the term of the mortgage is determined according to Age, and in the event that the applicant’s age reaches 106 years, real estate financing will be available for a period of 15 for a year until he reaches the age of retirement, and in the event that the citizens who They have reached the age of retirement, the opportunity will be available for them to finance until the age of 133 years.