Egypt chairs the Permanent Representatives Committee to the African Union

Written by Kamal Amer, Editor-in-Chief

6990124941467050056 The Ambassador was headed by Dr. Mohamed Gad, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Ethiopia and its Permanent Representative to the African Union for the work of the Executive Council of the African Union scheduled for 2-3 February. Ambassador Gad stated that the Permanent Representatives Committee will consider this week a number of reports and documents on the activities of the African Union Commission during the past year, foremost of which is the report on the activities of the African Union for the year 2012. On culture, heritage and the arts, where the Egyptian emphasis in this regard came on the importance of protecting African identity and heritage, and the need to adopt a unified African position regarding the recovery of smuggled cultural heritage, provided that an agreement on a unified African position in this regard is completed during the current year. African countries were also invited to participate in the opening event of the Grand Egyptian Museum this year, and to include it in the expected African activities in the cultural field. The committee also dealt with a number of reports of the specialized technical committees, especially the Specialized Committee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and the Environment, which Egypt assumed its presidency last December. All strategies and frameworks adopted during the work of the committee were reviewed, especially the African climate change strategy, which coincides with hosting Egypt. The forthcoming Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP) 27 next November, as well as the launch of the Continental Early Warning System for Disaster Risk Reduction. The permanent representative of Egypt to the African Union added that the committee also touched on the reports of the permanent delegates’ sub-committees, including those related to the partnerships of the African continent, where they discussed the ongoing preparations for holding the African-European Summit next February, and it was agreed and emphasized the need for those partnerships to meet the aspirations and aspirations of peoples and countries Continent in sustainable development and poverty eradication. The progress made in activating the African Union’s Center for Epidemiology and Diseases was also discussed, the need to benefit from the experience of the African continent in dealing with the Corona pandemic, and the need to enhance the independence and flexibility of the center to ensure its work with the necessary efficiency. It is noteworthy that the work of the Permanent Representatives Committee continues until its reports are presented to the meeting of foreign ministers and from there to the African Union summit during the period from 2-6 February next for adoption.