Dr.. Abeer Essam writes: real estate journalist

عبير عصام Abeer Essam

Several factors are based on the success of the real estate industry, and unfortunately, the general public of this profession and those who inherit it from their children have a different concept Complete about the elements of success, which is the feasibility study, including the location, the price per square meter of the land, the cost on it, the selling price, advertising, previous experiences of the company, its reputation, personal relationships, the market’s need for a real estate product, and finally the idea of ​​exporting real estate, but the truth is that all countries have parallel alternatives different and useful and may be new and innovative. 4962

The element that has no substitute or competitor, One of the arms of the success of this sector is the real estate journalist who specializes in urban development affairs, and the professional who is aware of the new every hour, and who owns the threads of the game from the evening until the light comes out at dawn.

Unfortunately yo Find a small number to follow this file of respected professional journalists, but they make a great effort on their own, with their personal relationships and individual effort, and they have special abilities, talent and charisma, this group needs all our support in everything because without them, this sector would have been all born in it, their quick movements in all places The new cities and others convey an honorable image of this sector at home and abroad. I consider them their interest only in the lands and projects owned by the Urban Communities Authority only, in light of the fact that God’s property is wide, and the lands and legislatures that are under the umbrella and jurisdiction of many other entities and only need research and extract new real estate media treasures from them. Their abilities and sacrifices are no less than that of the war correspondent in the battle, and they are the soldiers of the new republic and one of the pillars of this industry, which must be the first elements of success on which the developer builds his relationship with the community. The real estate entities, the sponsors of this event, choose today and the criteria upon which to be honored and distinguished, and that 2022 will be the year to study the idea and implement it from next year 202 3, the real estate press is the mouthpiece of real estate in Egypt, and the real estate journalist is the righteous son of this sector at all, partners of success and workers like iron every day, their value increases.4962