SWVL receives $21.5 million in merger financing

Aya Hussein Swvl has entered into agreements to purchase ordinary shares in the amount of . $5 million in partnership with additional new investors, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. These institutions join a distinguished group of financial strategic investors and global financial investors (under the private investment mechanism in a listed company)

This additional investment contributes to increasing the total expected returns for private investment in the company to

. $ 5 million, which raises the additional capital needed to fund Swvl’s expansion efforts and increase investments in its technology platform.

Swvl completed a pre-finance of $ 5 million, depending on the mechanism of private investment in a listed company. To accelerate the implementation of its own growth strategy. Investors who had previously financed using the private investment mechanism of a listed company bought Swvl convertible bonds. Upon closing of the SWEF merger transaction with CoinGumpet, each bond received will be converted into shares of the combined company at a conversion price of up to 8.5 US dollars for each share of shares of the value of 1111. 5 million dollars issued in the year 1600 and at a price of $9.1 of bonds worth 45 one million dollars issued in


The EBRD’s commitment is subject to the conclusion of an Investment Framework Agreement (IFA) setting specific institutional requirements for the EBRD, including social and environmental policies and practices, corporate governance, compliance issues and the utilization of returns.