Value, the leading Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) platform to enhance the evolving lifestyle, launches the Rules Engine 2.0

مصطفى الصحن Mustafa Al-Sahn

Reda Abu al-Khair and Iman al-Wasili Cairo



New Automated Version 7606 Assessment of risks and increase the rate of credit approvals based on the system

The Possible مصطفى الصحن to make decisions to grant facilities

Value, the leading Buy Now Pay Later platform, today announced ( BNPL) to promote the advanced lifestyle and the multi-award winning in the Middle East and North Africa region, for the launch of the “Rules Engine 2.0”. This new automated feature is characterized by advanced applied equations that enhance risk assessment and increase the rate of approvals of credit limits provided to customers based on the automated system to take the decision to grant the facilities.

In this context, Mustafa Al-Sahn, Head of Credit and Risk Sector at Valeo Company, explained “

The launch of an advanced version of the rules engine reflects the company’s continued commitment By developing its technological capabilities for risk assessment, ensuring that we keep pace with the rapidly evolving financial services technology sector standards, as well as consolidating the leading position unique to VALEO in the Egyptian market. Al-Sahn stressed the importance of maintaining the highest quality standards that match international standards for risk management in terms of the credit limits granted and the proportion of risks resulting from them, without affecting the customer experience. Al-Sahn added that the new automated system will contribute to increasing the acceptance rate from 55% to 129% for its dependence on the system Intelligent in the process of deciding to grant credit facilities that takes into account more aspects and considerations of each customer. This release is distinguished by its focus on performance, sustainability and scalability.”

It is worth noting that the new rules engine has been designed to include criteria that focus on condensing a variety of variables that take into account more comprehensive aspects and considerations for each client, and all of this is done in one evaluation process. The approval process will be in accordance with the credit limits set by VALO based on the risk rating of each customer, which will ensure a more accurate risk assessment process on a larger scale. The new rules engine is also more precise by dealing with all outliers and missing values ​​by grouping similar traits with similar strengths which also contributes to the overall development of operations.