Egypt Post signs an agreement with Saudi Post (Subul) to exchange international money transfers

Iman Al-Wasili

Within the framework of cooperation Permanent and continuous between the two sister countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the Egyptian Post signs a cooperation agreement with its Saudi counterpart aimed at activating the postal money transfer service between the Egyptian Post and Saudi Post through the post offices spread throughout the Republic.

The protocol was signed by Mr. Abdo Elwan, Vice-Chairman of the Egyptian Post Board of Directors for Regions Affairs, and Eng. Rayan Al-Sharif, Vice-President of the Saudi Post Corporation for Sales And marketing in the presence of Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Post.

Dr. Sherif Farouk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Egypt Post, said: The agreement signed today with Saudi Post confirms the depth of relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia and their distinction at all levels. This is the culmination of the efforts exerted between the two parties to support the desired aspects of cooperation after a series of meetings, discussions and mutual visits between the two sides during the last period, which were carried out by high-level delegations in order to advance relations and enhance means of cooperation between the two countries.

As these discussions resulted in the signing of a bilateral agreement aimed at providing electronic postal money transfers between Egypt Post And Saudi Post through the global system of the Postal Union, to ensure the provision of distinguished financial services to all Egyptians residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whose number is estimated to be approximately 3 million Egyptians, as this new service will enable them to send their remittances to their families in Egypt with ease and ease, through Deposit it at the Saudi Post’s more than 400 branches, in addition to the branches of the Ersal network along with Risala’s digital channels, which cover all parts of the Kingdom, and then their relatives in Egypt receive these remittances in an instant through the more than numbered Egyptian Post ports 4200 Post office spread all over the republic.

and from For his part, Engineer Anf Abanmi, President of the Saudi Postal Corporation, welcomed the strengthening of joint cooperation between Saudi Post and Egypt Post, wishing for continued cooperation, which would contribute to providing distinguished services to postal customers in the two countries. Infrastructure and technology and the development of the system of services provided to customers