The Ninth Engineering Excellence Forum witnesses Egyptian-Libyan-Chinese cooperation agreements in the fields of construction, smart cities and technology

Dr. Nevin Abdel-Khaleq, founder of the Engineering Excellence Forum, Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee at the Egyptian Businessmen Association, and Deputy Consulting Engineer Dr. Dalia El-Saadani, Member of Parliament, inaugurated the ninth edition of the forum, which was held in cooperation with T Computers and T Serv» and the ECG Consulting Engineers Group, with the participation of Dr. Hani Mahmoud, the former Minister of Communications and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vodafone Egypt, and Engineer Ezzedine Al-Hadi Al-Kariwi, an advisor in the Investment Department at the General Authority for Investment Promotion and Privatization Affairs in the State of Libya, and Hashem Mohamed Al-Zawi, Director of the Investment Department at the authority, Zaho King, representative of Huawei

The forum also participated in the video conferencing, ambassadors of Rwanda, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea, and many officials, senior African buyers and international suppliers from South Africa, the Netherlands, Jordan, Zambia, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Algeria, Mozambique, the United States of America, Libya, Sudan, Bahrain, in addition to the United Kingdom.

The forum witnessed the signing of a number of M There are cooperation and partnership agreements between Egyptian, Libyan and Chinese companies, where the ECG Consulting Engineers Group Company signed an agreement with Al-Watan for Investment and Urban Development, one of Al-Sahel Holding companies and its investment arm, in the fields of engineering consultancy, construction and building, where the size of the Libyan company’s projects in its three-year plan is about 200 Million dollars.

The agreement was signed by Moheb Morcos, Deputy Managing Director of the Consulting Engineers Group, Engineer Mays Suleiman, Deputy Director General of Al-Watan Investment and Urban Development Company, and Engineer Ashraf Nafu, Development Manager Business.

The forum also witnessed the signing of cooperation agreements with Huawei Egypt in the field of smart city technology localization.

Dr. Nevin Abdel-Khaleq, founder of the Engineering Excellence Forum and Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee of the Association Businessmen, that the Engineering Excellence Forum, in its ninth edition, is the largest interactive platform that is held online and realistically, in a way that enhances the exchange of experiences and transfers the Egyptian experience in industry and the fields of engineering consultancy, construction, contracting and building, and identifying opportunities available through several axes and Forum sessions, including smart cities and their importance in reducing construction costs, improving the quality of life and the environment, and the sustainability of all building elements, services and maintenance, as well as finding solutions to challenges and difficulties that impede the increase of exports and trade exchange and the settlement of the Egyptian construction and building industries in Africa, in addition to sessions on human development.

She indicated that the forum has given priority and great support to human development since 2010 through a program from the university to work to serve students and recent graduates, pointing out that one of the most prominent supporters of the program and the Engineering Excellence Forum, the late consultant engineer Hussein Sabbour, the late architect and real estate developer, and the late Engineers Amr Allouba, Chairman of the Consulting Engineers Group, and the late Sayed Abdel Aal of the Consulting Engineers Group, thanking Dr. Representative Dalia El-Saady, Member of Parliament, President of the ninth edition of the Forum, Dr. Hani Mahmoud, former Minister of Communications and President of Vodafone Egypt, and Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, Minister of Higher Education and Research

In her opening speech, the dak confirmed Torah Nevin Abdel-Khaleq, that the Corona pandemic, which has imposed itself on the economies of the countries of the world since 2020, demonstrated the urgent need for more Egyptian, African and Arab cooperation, as Africa today and the reconstruction processes in Libya and Iraq and other relations of cooperation and fraternity between brothers hope for the success of plans The Egyptian state aims to achieve sustainable development, and work to increase exports to $100 billion, as well as support the Egyptian pivotal international and regional role by its commitment to participate in developing its African and Arab strategic depth in the areas of development and industrial and commercial integration with its various brothers.

Abdel-Khaleq added that Egypt began working on restoring its role in the development of Africa several years ago, and since the outbreak of the 400 revolutions in January and 400. June,

As there are many historical relations and vital and common interests between Egypt and its African and Arab surroundings, which prompted the Egyptian state to develop a strategic vision that includes many axes to restore Its historical role in the brown continent, especially at the level of trade exchange, where Africa is the “gatekeeper”. The golden coin” to increase exports, and the Egyptian market is a promising market for African investments, as the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and African countries increased to about $5.9 billion during the first months of the year 2021 compared to $4.4 billion during the corresponding months of the previous year, an increase of $1.5 billion. Africa to $4.4 billion during the first 50 months of 2021 compared to $3.2 billion during the corresponding months of the previous year, an increase amounting to 1.2 billion dollars.

She indicated that the Egyptian government has started implementing a number of initiatives and programs to facilitate the entry into force of Egyptian products, including activating the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement, which entered into force in January 2021, and implementing the Arab Trade Bridges Program African; To raise Egyptian producers’ awareness of the available export opportunities, and meetings between officials and the private sector in those countries, in addition to the implementation of a number of projects by many Egyptian companies, such as Arab Contractors, El Sewedy, and others, to raise the efficiency of infrastructure in some COMESA countries, as well as initiating the implementation of Major projects to link intra-regional trade and facilitate the process of transporting goods to reduce the shipping period to 4 days instead of 50 days, in addition to the opening of the first Egyptian industrial zone in Tanzania with investments amounting to 400 million dollars, which aims to attract 50 investors at least in the countries of the region, which may save more than 50 thousand A job opportunity that serves the industrial development strategy of the state of Tanzania up to 2025, and many initiatives and presidential directives for Africa and the countries of reconstruction. The ninth edition of the forum, Africa, of which we are proud Egyptians, represents one of the most important and largest continents in the world, and its strength and strategic importance is due to the size of growth opportunities and untapped wealth. The most important of them is human resources, as Egypt possesses a national wealth of young people and thinking minds.

Al-Saadani added, and Egypt and Libya are among the most important African countries and brothers that enjoy strong and solid relations between the countries of the continent, expressing her hope that The Ninth Engineering Excellence Forum comes out with recommendations and new areas for cooperation and awareness of investment opportunities and economic integration. During the efforts of successive governments to diversify the sources of the national economy and work to transfer the Egyptian experience in economic reform and development.

Al-Karawi called on the Egyptian private sector to enter into partnerships and move towards reconstruction and take advantage of the available investment opportunities, especially in the areas of construction And industry, noting that the Libyan Investment Promotion Law No. 9 of 2010 provides many types of partnerships and investment opportunities to establish Libyan projects in various fields.

He explained that there are many opportunities in Libya for the private sector For Al-Masry, including 200,000 housing units that need to be completed, and 3,000 production units that need to be developed and operated, along with thousands of investment opportunities and laws to facilitate the establishment of companies and single window services. History and in the future.”

Dr. Hani Mahmoud, former Minister of Communications and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vodafone Egypt, pointed out the importance of Engineering Excellence Forum in demonstrating the role of engineers and transforming ideas into a tangible reality, pointing out that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s orientation towards Africa is an important and strategic axis for Egypt’s return to the heart of Africa and will remain an integral part of Africa.

He stressed the importance of integration events Egyptian-African based on the depth of relations and the successes achieved by Egypt during its presidency of the African Union, which was full of achievements and cooperation between the private sector, as well as the wonderful experiences of Egyptian companies operating in the countries of the continent.

He also indicated that Libya’s stability and prosperity are part of From the Egyptian national security, where the two countries and peoples link old historical relations, adding: “We wish the Egyptian people a key role in the reconstruction of Libya, and that the country, which possesses economic components and capabilities, returns to live in prosperity to the right fortress of Egypt.”