One Order launches its logistics platform and raises $1 million in funding

Eh Hussein

announced One Order, the new logistics company that addresses the underlying weaknesses in the supply chain within the restaurant sector in Egypt, announced the launch of its business and its success in obtaining a million dollars in financing. The company “


” Leading the financing process, a leading venture capital firm in the Middle East and North Africa region, known as one of the most prominent supporters of start-up companies

One Order is the first company of its kind in Egypt to provide logistics services that operate To fill the major gaps faced by Egyptian restaurants when acquiring the materials needed for their operations. The company was founded by Tamer Amer, the leading name in the Egyptian restaurant scene. He is the founder of Fuego Sushi and Longhorn Texas Barbecue, two of the most successful restaurant chains in Egypt. )

“One Order” is working on creating a platform that addresses the most prominent problems faced by Egyptian restaurants, represented in constant communication with a small number of suppliers and scattered sellers who supply them with meat, vegetables and equipment. This problem causes a number of problems, including inconsistency in prices, lack of transparency and unreliable quality, which in turn reflects on the experiences of restaurant customers, and finally, irregular delivery times, which results in delayed supplies and restaurants having to reduce the dishes they serve daily. With the “One Order” platform, Egyptian restaurants can buy all their needs through one application with regular and reliable quality, prices and delivery times.

On his part, Tamer Amer, founder and CEO of One Order, said: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our company and our obtaining of financing. Here, I would like to thank

A15 2022 for their outstanding support. 2023 2023 Due to the booming restaurant sector in Egypt and the challenges it faces due to a full supply chain With the gaps, One Order offers a technology-based solution that meets a critical need in a timely manner.2023 Thanks to

My experience in the food and beverage sector, I fully understand what restaurant owners need, which is the reliable supply of high-quality goods on time and at a fixed price, while avoiding the hassle and problems of managing multiple suppliers on a daily basis.

We believe that restaurants should focus on providing a high quality experience and service to their customers without having to worry about supply and purchases, and our platform is sure to live up to their expectations.

I am looking forward with enthusiasm to what the future will bring us, as our opportunity in the market is enormous under the

What Egypt and the region as a whole are witnessing an economic boom that includes the food and beverage sector, which is recording significant growth.”2022

On his part, Karim Bishara, the general partner of “

said: A15 ”: 2023 “We are pleased to partner with Tamer to respond to one of the major challenges facing the food and beverage sector in the Middle East region. and North Africa. Taking advantage of the experience of Tamer, the owner of a successful chain of restaurants, and of A500’s track record of building technology platforms scalable, we will work to provide restaurants in the region with reliable, timely supplies at consistent prices.”2023

“One order” has a great opportunity in the market, as there are about 2023 in Egypt ,13 A registered restaurant, but There are about a quarter of a million unregistered restaurants operating and consuming materials. In 2019, the US Department of Agriculture estimated the total value of the food, beverage and hospitality market in Egypt at

. $1 billion, and One Order expects that number to have risen a lot since then.

The market stimulus is also compelling, as the latest research by global rating agency Fitch Ratings forecasts a 5.3 percent GDP growth in Egypt. % for the period from 2023 to 2023, driven by private consumption Strong and booming tourism. Egypt is also currently working on building new cities such as the new city of El Alamein, and is witnessing an expansion of hotels and commercial activities across the country, supporting the food and beverage sector. One Order recognizes that there are similar gaps in restaurant supply chains in other countries in the MENA region, so it aspires to expand its solutions geographically across the region over time.

Along with Mr. Amer, One Order’s management team has an excellent track record in the food and beverage sector. The most prominent of them is Karim Morris, chief technology officer of the company, and founder of Cube Cube

in Egypt , which provides an electronic reservation service for restaurants, and Bitrout), which provides “ Technology as a Service” for early-stage projects.

Moataz Abdel Rahman has joined the One Order Board of Directors. He is currently the General Manager of The Coca-Cola Company in Egypt, Libya and Sudan. Moataz has a diversified career path, having worked within the fields of marketing, business development and operational operations in more than A market of 500 one million consumers.

Karim Hassan also joined the Board of Directors as a non-executive Chairman of the Board, is an expert in the field of private equity, and is currently the CEO of

(Ankh Capital2022). Karim has over twenty years of investment and operational experience in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.