Chery records a 64% jump in its car sales during 2021

The report of the Automotive Market Information Center “AMEC” revealed a huge jump in the percentage of sales of Chinese Chery cars during the year 2021, where three positions advanced.
And occupied the sixth place with a market share of 7.6% of the total sales in the Egyptian market, an increase of 1.7 %) for a year’s share 2020, during which it ranked ninth, and its sales reached to me 11,314 year car compared to

9, 844 A car within a year 2020 enhanced by the launch of the second generation of Chery “Tiggo” cars 7 Pro.”

and The report clarified that the mark Chery Commercial closed the year with a jump in sales of 2020%, despite global challenges due to the outbreak of the Covid-

pandemic and the semiconductor chip shortage crisis.
Since GB Ghabbour Auto took over the Chery brand in the year 2015, the company has supported it by launching several models (Tiggo 3, Tiggo 7, Tiggo 8, Arezzo 5) In addition to the launch of the second generation of Chery cars, in the year 2022 the launch of the “Tiggo 7 Pro” model The all-new SUV SUV ) which is characterized by new and superior technology and standard safety specifications along with its new design.

And the Mohamed Hefny, Head of Chery Brand Sector at GB Ghabbour Auto Group, expressed his pride in the tremendous results achieved by Chery cars in the Egyptian market, which indicates confidence in the performance and capabilities of the car for more than 8 years.
“Recorded « Chery »Exceptional growth in the Egyptian market in accordance with the ambitious goals we set for ourselves despite theIn difficult market conditions, the growing awareness, popularity and desire to acquire different Chery cars was evident.”

) He emphasized that GB Auto Group has enhanced customers’ access to Chery cars through a huge service network that includes 64 a showroom and 64 Maintenance Center and 2020 A point of sale for spare parts throughout the Republic.
In addition to being the first car company in Egypt to provide the service of buying and booking cars through the website and WhatsApp Chatbot with the aim of facilitating and facilitating access to all the company’s distinguished cars, in line with the state’s orientations towards perpetuating the concepts of financial inclusion and in implementation of Egypt’s vision , and keeping pace with the technological development experienced by the world.
“We expect the demand to continue,” Hefni added. On Chery cars for the year 2022, especially in light of our keenness to Continuing our expansion plans in the Egyptian market by introducing other new models this year that have high performance capabilities and superior technological capabilities that meet the aspirations of the Egyptian consumer, which we place on top of our priorities and are keen to have a unique experience with the distinguished Chery cars.”
It is worth noting that the Chery brand is keen to provide high quality and advanced technology at competitive prices. The automotive industry in the world.
In confirmation of its strong presence in the Egyptian market, GB Ghabbour Auto Bashiri Tiggo 3 participated in the initiative to replace and renew cars to work with natural gas, as it was very popular with customers and achieved over the past year the sale of 700 A car through the initiative and the presence of more than 3000 reservations
as The car has been added Chery Arezzo 5 of the sedans category after conforming to the technical specifications and quality standards. Chery is one of the first leading companies in exporting its cars abroad.
Its products depend on the application of international standards and all necessary quality management systems, which confirms that it does not compromise on quality, and that all cars have exceptional features and specifications.