Selenium to enhance memory and oats are a source of vitamins and minerals

د محمد حافظ ابراهيم

Dr. Mohamed Hafez Ibrahim

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

Selenium helps boost learning and memory in the brain of young and old Age . Where a study by the University of Queensland in Australia, in Metabolism Research, found that selenium, one of the minerals found in many foods, can help enhance learning and memory in the brains of all people. . Where the research of Dr. Tara Walker, the lead researcher on the study for the University of Queensland, explained that studies conducted on the effect of exercise on brain aging, found that levels of the protein essential for the transport of selenium in the blood increased due to Physical activity The aim of this new study was to see if selenium supplementation could match the effects of exercise.

Dr. Tara Walker adds that the results of clinical research have shown that selenium supplementation can increase the generation of neurons and improve cognition in many people. Levels of new neuron generation drop rapidly in elderly humans, and when selenium supplements were given, neuronal production increased, helping to treat cognitive deficits observed in old age. .

Selenium is an essential mineral that is absorbed from soil and water, and is found in foods such as grains, meat, and nuts. With the highest levels found in Brazil nuts .

Scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia tested whether selenium would have an effect on the cognitive decline that sometimes occurs after stroke, which can affect people’s memory and learning ability. .

Dr. Tara Walker says that taking selenium in the young was really good at learning and memory tasks, not only in the old age after stroke. In the brain, they can no longer perform these tasks, and we found that the learning and memory of people with stroke returned to normal when they were given selenium supplements.

These findings open a new natural therapeutic avenue to enhance cognitive function in people who are unable to exercise due to poor health or ageing, however Dr. Tara Walker stresses that selenium supplements should not be considered a complete substitute for exercise, as too much can be bad. She adds that a person who gets a balanced diet of fruits, nuts, fresh vegetables and meat usually has good selenium levels, but in the elderly, especially those with neurological conditions, selenium supplementation can be beneficial.

British Health Authority research showed that there are many benefits to oats, as it is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Oats are whole grains that contain a large proportion of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, and are considered one of the best meals for adults and children. Oats are usually eaten for breakfast with milk, such as porridge oats, which is cooked in milk, and salted vegetable oats are also available, which children with disease

Diabetes and obesity .

And the British Health Authority clarified that oats are a good source of carbohydrates and complex fibers, and the beta-glucan fibers found in oats are considered effective. In reducing total cholesterol levels and levels of harmful cholesterol, adults and children at the age of two can eat oatmeal, as a cup of oatmeal contains 89 calories, six grams of protein and four grams of fiber. Many foods that children like are not quite high in fiber, so eating them with a bowl of yogurt and oatmeal in the morning can help them meet their daily fiber needs. ).

Natural oats can be made more nutritious and delicious by adding cinnamon and raisins. Oats are useful for children with Due to its complex carbohydrates and soluble fiber, oatmeal is highly satiating and contains fewer calories. Carbohydrate beta-glucan also promotes the release of peptide, a hormone produced in the intestines in response to eating. د محمد حافظ ابراهيم As this satiety hormone succeeds in reducing calorie intake and may reduce the risk of obesity, it also reduces the risk of asthma, a common childhood disease. Oats are good for children with celiac disease because they are gluten-free. Oats are a good source of vitamins and minerals and a wonderful source of natural fibers. . Oats provide many wonderful health benefits and add variety to your breakfast. Children can get multiple benefits from eating oats at an early age. With benefits for all, oats are a great food and healthy snack option.