“Arctica” accompanies for the first time a convoy of merchant ships heading from east to west

Ah Hussain

The pioneering nuclear-powered multi-purpose icebreaker “Arctica” recently launched its maiden voyage to escort the two ships Engineer Trubin and Polar King from The port of the city of Pevik on the Chukotka Peninsula in the far north of Russia. The two ships. This is the first case of the participation of a nuclear icebreaker from the government project 22220 in escorting a convoy of merchant ships heading from east to west. )

In the past, the escorts of ships in this part of the Arctic traditionally ended last November.
The Kapitan Dranitsyn diesel-electric icebreaker will assist in its journey this nuclear icebreaker “Arctica”.

“Arktika will complete this escort mission at the western edge of the ice sheet in the sea,” said Leonid Irlitsa, first deputy general director of Atomflot, which is responsible for operating and maintaining the civilian nuclear icebreaker fleet in Russia. Kara. From the eastern part, Arctica will escort ships along the northern shipping lane. During the trip, the captain of the icebreaker “Arctica” will receive guidance from the Central Department of Naval Operations of “Atom Float”. He continued, “This unique experience will be studied by ship captains and will become a basis for planning the organization of year-round escorts for ships in transit in the Northern Sea Corridor.”

* The nuclear icebreaker “Arctica” is carrying out its tasks under the contract of escorting convoys of merchant ships loaded with cargo, signed in the framework of the implementation of the large-scale investment project for the development of the Baim site for the extraction of copper, gold and molybdenum ores in the pre-emptive development zone of the Chukotka Peninsula.)

“Nuclear icebreakers from the 22220 Russia’s leadership in the Arctic. The implementation of the “Baim” project will also contribute to the development of the northern sea corridor in the future. The development of the project will increase the flow of goods by 2 million tons. The project implemented in Chukotka includes the construction of a year-round port, a highway and new power lines. In the year of 2027”.
and added, “It will also launch A mining and processing plant with a total capacity of

one million tons of ore per year. The “Baim” site is part of the socio-economic development strategy of the Russian Far East.”

The situation in the east of the corridor is characterized The northern marine is subject to difficult navigational conditions due to the ice, which is two meters thick in some places. Vasily Gubkin: “Multipurpose nuclear icebreakers in their characteristics are superior to those of previous projects.” Its main advantage lies in its strength, maneuverability, ice breaking and changing the level of depth of water in which it can navigate.

The captains of the ships we accompanied assure that they are more comfortable sailing behind the multi-purpose nuclear icebreaker because it cuts a wide, straight path that is clearer than the ice so that it is safer to sail behind the nuclear icebreaker in the ice-covered waters.”
“Arctica” is scheduled to complete the escort of the convoy at the end of February