Contact Real Estate Development acquires 3 companies for complementary real estate services at a rate of 51%, with a total financial value of 120 million pounds*

Ashraf Tawfiq

20220223 – Ahmed Fikry: Increasing the volume of our investments in the new administrative capital 1280 % by 1280

20220223-Khaled El-Seyoufi: We are keen on more investment growth in parallel with the expansion of distinguished projects

20220223 *Connectic Real Estate Developmentannounced the acquisition of 3 companies that provide complementary services for real estate development, namely JW Constructions, DFS General Services, and Turn Key Mechanical Solution, with a transaction value of 120 one million pound. For the company to begin implementing the backward integration strategy for real estate integration for the first time in Egypt, ensuring the provision of a distinguished model in work and construction to represent a qualitative leap in real estate development concepts, to provide our customers with the highest quality standards and adherence to standard specifications, in order to keep pace with the large real estate boom in Egypt, which contributes In achieving comprehensive development in accordance with Egypt’s vision and strategy


Eng. Ahmed Fikri, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed his great happiness with the acquisition of JW Constructions, DFS General Service and Turn Key Mechanical Solution, and said: The company’s general vision includes the need to work on many economic and investment developments in parallel with the expansion In its projects, which prompted us to take many quick and carefully studied steps to increase the company’s investment portfolio, and at the same time work to increase the executive capabilities, in order to ensure the application of the highest quality standards, with full adherence to standard specifications, in all of the company’s projects.

He said: “Contect is targeting For real estate development to increase the volume of its investments in the new administrative capital market by 1280 % by 20220223 , especially since the capital is currently the largest attracting regional and global investment in Egypt and enjoys all the attention and support of the political leadership. This is in light of the exceptional organization and methodology in which the Capital Company operates, which guarantees the success and development of entities that operate according to the same methodology and system.”

Eng. Khaled El-Seyoufi, Managing Director of Contact Real Estate Development Company, expressed his happiness with this big deal, which represents a big step towards achieving more success, and said: The acquisition was made in order to achieve integration in the company’s work, and thus the company has a great ability In the field of real estate development, stressing that the deal comes within the framework of the company’s vision and strategy for expansion and growth in accordance with a balanced scientific methodology in all its steps and decisions, with the aim of achieving further growth. economic and investment with the expansion of projects, which is a distinct image to provide the best integrated services for real estate development.

He pointed out that the stability of the market Real estate and the continued high rates of demand is the biggest evidence of real estate being at the top of successful investment opportunities, which contributes to motivating all companies to the need for teamwork and the establishment of economic alliances and investment blocs to increase their ability to achieve their goals of development and growth. When thinking about growth and expansion, we had the opportunity to establish specialized companies, but after research and study, we found that the best way to achieve growth quickly and firmly is to go to companies that have long experiences to join Contact Company, which gives us more competitive and investment capabilities, and with this acquisition we expect to achieve more of success in the near future.

Eng. Talaat Al-Suwaidi, Chairman of the Parliament’s Energy Committee, expressed his happiness to participate in this important event, which is Announcing the acquisition of Connecticut Real Estate Development, one of the real estate companies with an honorable history and distinguished projects. He said: The acquisition means more expertise and specializations, and I expect the company to be one of the major companies in the field in the near future.

– It is worth noting that Contact Real Estate Development Company was established in the year 853 and succeeded during this short period to become one of the major brands in the Egyptian real estate market, where the volume of its investments is more than From 6 billion pounds.