Valeo, the leading buy now, pay later (BNPL) financial services technology platform

Reda Abu al-Khair and Iman al-Wasili

This partnership comes within the framework of a series of successful strategic agreements between the two parties, which will contribute to strengthening mutual marketing efforts between both platforms

Cairo in 23 February 2022

Today, Valeo, a technology platform, has announced… The leading Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) financial services to enhance the advanced lifestyle in the Middle East and North Africa region, announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with Wafferha, the leading website and application for offers in Egypt, provided that Valeo will provide a new and diversified package of benefits to customers. . This agreement is considered a new stage in the close relationship between the two parties, which will witness many developments, including the strengthening of mutual marketing efforts through an integrated package of financing programs. Under the new partnership agreement, Wafferha will be able to promote Benefiting from Valeo’s wide network, where Wafha offers will be accepted on Valeo’s Point of Sale (POS) machines, in addition to allowing customers to recharge their Wafha wallet using Valeo and benefit from the service available on Wafha to pay their bills using “Value”. In addition, customers can obtain credit limits from “Value” and benefit from the range of products and services offered by the company. In addition, new customers who register in the “Value” application will receive a free voucher from “Waffarha”. On the other hand, a joint customer loyalty program will be activated under this agreement in order to achieve the maximum benefit for “Value” customers.

In this context

, expressed by Ahmed Hashem, Head of the Commercial Sector

at “Valeo” company, about He is proud of the consolidation of the partnership with the “Waffarha” platform to enhance synergy between the two companies’ services in order to provide unique solutions and services to customers in an effort to meet their various needs. Hashem added that under this agreement, Value will provide Wafferha customers with a variety of Buy Now and Pay Later (BNPL) solutions, as well as a set of offers and discounts designed to meet customers’ needs and enhance their purchasing power. He pointed out that this agreement is a new stage in the strong relationship between the two parties, which will witness benefit from the innovative saving solutions that characterize the “Wafferha” platform. Hashem stressed that the more the company seeks to expand its customer base, the greater its contribution to achieving financial inclusion throughout the republic. On his part, he stated Tariq Magdy, CEO of “Waffarha” Company , that the development of a successful partnership with Valeo comes within the framework of our strategy that aims to provide the best solutions and savings offers to our customers, expressing his happiness at the company’s ability to implement this strategy by strengthening this unique partnership. . Magdy added that this partnership will allow us to expand the company’s customer base by taking advantage of the wide and growing network of stores and services that are unique to Valeo, as well as adding a new group of sectors that we did not deal with previously. He affirmed his confidence that these mutually beneficial initiatives will achieve its objective of providing affordable, affordable financial solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. It is worth noting that “Waffarha” joined the “Value” network of stores. “Since 2020 as one of the most powerful and reliable partners, being the most prominent provider of packages and services to customers. Over the past two years, Wafferha has been one of the most prominent partners in the package of offers and services offered by Value, including Black Friday offers and promotions during Ramadan, among others.

This agreement comes within the framework of a series of agreements signed by Valeo to provide appropriate financing plans in an effort to meet the various financing needs of Egyptians in many sectors. . The company has recently strengthened its presence in the education sector by signing a cooperation agreement with The American University in Cairo to Provide Programs for Funding Tuition Expenses for University Students and Graduate Studies . It succeeded Valeo aims to consolidate its leading position in the Egyptian market in providing buy now and pay later solutions, by signing these partnerships and offering a variety of innovative products. The company succeeded in achieving many achievements during the year 20220223 within the framework of expanding the package of services it provides, as it signed many partnerships in various sectors with the Group Among the most prominent partners are the auction company, the Saudi German Hospital in Egypt, the sports sector of SODIC “Club S”, and others.