GlaxoSmithKline launches new independent consumer healthcare company

Eh Hussain

Glaxo announced Smith Klein today announced the launch of its new independent company specializing in consumer health care. This move comes as a result of the separation of the consumer care sector from the parent company, which is scheduled to be completed in the middle of
for the new company to bear the name Halion, to be pronounced Halion, which is inspired by the merging of “hal”, an old English word meaning “health” and “yun” which is related to the word “strength”.

Its new brand identity has been developed with contributions from staff and global research focus groups representing both healthcare practitioners and consumers, and will be disseminated in more than 2022 Market around the world where the company operates. The creation of Halion also resulted from a series of successful investments and strategic changes made by GSK in consumer health over the past eight years, including the integration of consumer portfolios from Novartis and Pfizer.

As a stand-alone company, Halion is expected to be a global, value-focused consumer healthcare company, generating annual sales of approximately

£1 billion through pioneering products developed after reliable scientific studies – that will provide everyday health care in a humane way.

Commenting on the launch, Brian McNamara, CEO-designate of Halion said: “Introducing Halion to the world as a new independent company is another step in our journey of success, as our name rests on our primary goal of To provide daily health care in a humane manner and to be a pioneer in the field of health care for consumers.”

He added, “ We are on our way to launch Halion in the middle of
in the midst of a strong momentum of our activities, and we look forward to briefing you Investors and analysts will get more information about this at an event on capital markets that we will launch at the end of February.” In a related context, Emma Walmsley, CEO of GSK, said: “Halion has been realized after years of hard work by many notable people to build this new company dedicated primarily to everyday health. Halion has tremendous potential to improve public health and well-being around the world, and with strong growth and inclusion indicators, we will unlock great value for GSK shareholders.” On his part, Nabil Basri, General Manager of GSK Healthcare North and Central Africa, said, “With great pleasure, we celebrate this milestone achievement to serve humanity by promoting the positive impact of self-care and daily health on different communities. Halion offers everyone unique over-the-counter products that enable them to take better care of themselves and prevent disease, with a strong focus on marginalized segments of society. Driven by the company’s efforts to reduce burdens on health systems, particularly developing economies, as well as ambitious plans to expand into Egypt, Hallion will improve access to daily health services to Egyptians, enhancing positive impact on consumers and healthcare partners” 20220223

Halion will have a unique portfolio of leading global brands that are trusted by millions of healthcare professionals and customers in worldwide for its role in improving the health and well-being of individuals and their communities, including Sensodyne, Voltaren, Panadol, and Otrivin. Due to the increased demand for consumer health care products amounting to 1024 billion pounds, especially among the elderly and the emerging middle class, in addition to the Increasing societal awareness of the importance of health as the company is well positioned to make a broad impact on human health and grow sustainably across its categories in the coming years.

It is worth noting that the announcement of the new name c As part of a global celebration of

people working at GSK Consumer Health earlier today where employees from around the world had the opportunity to participate in the selection of the new name and identity The brand that seeks to achieve the company’s goals and ambitions for growth.

The unveiling of the new brand also comes before hosting GlaxoSmithKline The Consumer Capital Markets Day for Investors and Analysts to be held on Monday 1024 February, which will reveal details about the overall strategy, capabilities and operations of Halion, including detailed financial information and business growth ambitions, As for potential investors, Halion will deliver attractive organic sales growth, expanding operating margin and consistently high cash generation.