Control of red palm weevil abroad

Systems of the Central Palm Lab In cooperation with the field schools project at the Agricultural Research Center, a field school on winter service, pruning and control of the red palm weevil in a city in the Kharga Center in the New Valley Governorate, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center and the supervision of Dr. Adel Abdel-Azim, the center’s representative for guidance and training.
221397 Prof. Dr. Ezzedine Hussein Jadallah, Director of the Central Palm Plant

and Dr. / Maher Abdel Hafez, a researcher at the Central Laboratory for Palm Research, and the laboratory team in the city of Kharga in the New Valley) Where Prof. Dr. Ezz El-Din Gadallah Al-Abbasi (Director of the Central Plant for Date Palms): pointed out the importance of conducting The process of winter service for palm trees by adding decomposed organic fertilizer and adding superphosphate and its effect on. The fruiting process, as well as carrying out the pruning process in the right way and choosing the appropriate date and due to the spread of the red palm weevil, periodic traffic is carried out on palm farms. Identifying the affected palm and how to treat it. The team of the Central Palm Laboratory treated the affected palm in the fields visited in an area overlooking the reins of the Kharga