EgyptAir participates in the Middle East Aircraft Maintenance Conference and Exhibition in Dubai

Eman Al-Wasili

20220224 EgyptAir Maintenance and Art Works participated in a conference and exhibition Aircraft maintenance and overhaul in the Middle East MRO Middle East 100, which is located in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 20220224 -40 February 2022 with a wing Distinguished by the exhibition, which includes a large number of aircraft maintenance and overhaul service providers, engines and spare parts suppliers around the world, in addition to many airlines. For his part, Pilot Amr Abu El-Enein, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for EgyptAir, praised the efforts of EgyptAir Maintenance and Technical Works in marketing its capabilities, noting that these efforts will result in attracting many customers in the coming period, especially in light of the company’s plan to recover from the effects of the Corona pandemic. Which succeeded in maintaining its customers thanks to the highly qualified and trained workers, adding that the company was keen on the continuation of employment During the past two years, in light of the spread of the pandemic, conditions that forced many companies to lay off large numbers of workers, stressing EgyptAir’s keenness to preserve the human element, which is one of its most prominent strengths. 20220224 Engineer Yahya Zakaria, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EgyptAir Maintenance and Technical Works, indicated that this year’s exhibition witnessed great success for EgyptAir Maintenance and Technical Works, as the company’s pavilion witnessed a distinguished turnout from companies Aviation operating in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, which aims to select the best providers of maintenance and overhaul services for aircraft and its parts in terms of accuracy, efficiency and timeliness to provide technical service so that these companies can fulfill their obligations towards their customers. Zakaria added that the delegation of EgyptAir Maintenance held several bilateral meetings with many airlines participating in the exhibition with the aim of concluding new contracts with a number of new customers to provide technical services from periodic maintenance to the company’s hangars and daily maintenance At the company’s stations located at internal and external airports, this as well To renew the contract with a number of current customers who expressed their desire to renew confidence in EgyptAir Maintenance due to its technical competence for its employees in addition to the latest equipment and technology used in the maintenance and overhaul of aircraft. 20220224 It is worth noting that more than MRO Middle East Conference and Exhibition 5000 Exhibitor and

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A country representing airlines, aircraft maintenance and overhauling, aircraft manufacturers, engines and spare parts, air freight companies, companies specializing in training, technical solutions and other various aviation activities.