ABB cooperates with the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers to qualify and train Egyptian engineers

Ah Hussein

The protocol aims to support, raise the efficiency and refine the skills of the Egyptian engineer, in proportion to the actual and future needs For the labor market, in light of the plans to implement comprehensive development plans

ABB is committed to introducing and transferring technological and management knowledge and training of registered engineers In the General Syndicate of Engineers within the framework of the national program to qualify, train and employ engineers #engineerit_correct

Today, ABB, the world leader in electrical technology, signed a cooperation protocol with The Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers with the aim of supporting and qualifying the engineers who are members of the Syndicate in proportion to the actual and future needs of the Egyptian labor market and in a manner that allows the transfer of experiences and knowledge of the latest findings of the company worldwide in the field of electricity distribution.

The agreement includes several aspects of cooperation, including equipping a laboratory for electrical products inside the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate headquarters, organizing training courses and field visits to the company’s factories on the tenth of Ramadan to cover the technical aspects in order to develop the engineering training systems for MOAC

The signing ceremony, which was held at the union headquarters today, was attended by Engineer Hani Dahi, Captain of Engineers. Ahmed Hammad, the financial controller and member of the board of directors of ABB, Mohamed Salem, director of the company’s factory in the 10th of Ramadan, Sherif Ismail, sales manager, Amr Younes, director of technical support and training programs, Saher Bahiri, designer of technical training programs and a number of ABB leaders The Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers and a selection of journalists.

On this occasion, Engineer Hani Dahi, Captain of Engineers, commented: “In order to raise the level of the Egyptian electrical engineer professionally and scientifically, we are honored to offer the Egyptian engineer laboratories Specialized aims to transfer global expertise and the latest technology through a cooperation protocol with a leading company such as ABB International, a leader in designing and manufacturing the latest advanced solutions and products in the field of electricity, in accordance with international standards.

Engineer Hani Dahi indicated that the homeland witnessed during the The past few years have giant projects, including the establishment of smart cities, large national projects, and road networks, and the Egyptian engineer was a strong participant in these giant projects. Therefore, the Syndicate is always keen to become an integrated headquarters for the development and preparation of the knowledge capabilities of the Egyptian engineer in line with the changes of the era and the Fourth Industrial Revolution by activating cooperation mechanisms with specialized companies and encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experiences and benefiting from available technologies.

The director of the company’s factory on the tenth of Ramadan, Mohamed Salem, also praised the role played by the Engineers Syndicate and its constant endeavor to provide everything new in the field of engineering to the members of the Syndicate. He described the signing of the cooperation protocol with the Syndicate of Engineers as an important step on the way to increasing the technical capabilities of the Egyptian engineer and informing him of all the latest scientific findings in the field of manufacturing electricity distribution products in Egypt and the world. Salem added: Egypt is striving to become a regional energy center, and is working hard to implement many strategic projects in several sectors in line with the latest technologies and solutions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has become an urgent necessity today. We are here out of our duty as Egyptian manufacturers to confirm our support in achieving this goal through our cooperation with the union to hone the skills of the Egyptian engineer and provide science, knowledge and innovative and fruitful practical experience in line with the actual and future needs of the labor market, in light of national development plans.”

For his part, Amr Younes, Director of Technical Support and Training Programs at ABB, valued the value and stature of the Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers, which is always keen to raise the scientific and professional level of engineers in order to achieve national and development goals.

Amr Younes added: “We are proud to be a partner of this prestigious entity by working to provide training methods. On the latest energy distribution products and solutions that are characterized by ABB and employing them to serve the requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the use of innovative and new educational means and media, which will be of particular importance to achieving sustainable development and enhancing industrial productivity and urban and urban development d of the environmental impact. #engineered_correct

Wissam Sheikh Secretary of the Electrical Engineering Division of the Syndicate added that this protocol comes as a result of the continuous cooperation between the Division and ABB, and this cooperation is represented in visits For the company’s factories to acquaint engineers with the stages of manufacturing electricity distribution products, as well as the scientific symposia presented by ABB and hosted by the union.