The website of the Aqaba conference publishes photos of the participants in the conference for easy acquaintance and communication

ماجد سميرات

Majed Smeirat

Iman Al-Wasili


The Eighth Aqaba Insurance Conference to be held next May in the city of Aqaba, a great turnout for registration and participation in it has exceeded the (400) participants to date, due to the importance of the conference and the insurance personalities participating in it From a large number of foreign and Arab countries in addition to the Jordanian market.

In an initiative that is the first of its kind in insurance conferences, the Jordan Insurance Federation recently announced its decision to publish the list of participants in the conference with their contact addresses, and is currently working on adding the personal photos of the participants to this list. Contact them on the participant names page and Which will be published in its new form the first week of next March, with the aim of facilitating the participants to communicate with each other and get to know each other and arrange bilateral meetings between the participants to discuss joint business and future cooperation opportunities. 802 Here, the Federation stated that the bilateral meetings of the participants will start at the Intercontinental Hotel Aqaba as of Sunday 15 / 5/ 2022 from ten o’clock in the morning, and that the official opening of the conference will be on Monday evening, corresponding to 5/16/ 2022 at eight o’clock in the evening

In order to maintain the website of the conference with high efficiency and respond to the amendments and visits to the site quickly and without any obstacles, the Federation announced the temporary suspension of the website of the Aqaba Conference www. starting Thursday morning 400/2/2022 until Tuesday, 1/3/853 where . will be allocated An electronic server with a large capacity for this site to raise the efficiency of work on it and complete the electronic recordings Future runes very quickly.

ماجد سميرات