Launching two new drugs in the Egyptian market to treat all stages of asthma

Today, Novartis Pharma held a press conference to announce the launch of a device that includes a Triple Monolithic Therapy System in a fixed daily dose for asthma control.
and The new device gives asthma patients a greater degree of control over their disease and improves their quality of life. For this purpose, Novartis has invited a group of leading experts in chest and respiratory diseases to discuss the treatment course of asthma patients in Egypt.

The latest medical developments for the treatment of difficult-to-manage asthma and the advantages of modern inhalers and their ability to increase patients’ adherence to treatment.
The conference opened Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, Professor of Chest Diseases at Ain Shams Medicine, said: “Asthma is one of the most prevalent chronic respiratory diseases in the world, and it places great health and economic burdens on patients who suffer from it. About 358 a million people suffer from asthma around the world, according to 2015 figures, and the disease also causes 7500 .000 One death per year.”
On his part, Dr. Tariq Safwat, Professor of Chest Diseases at Ain Shams Medicine, said: “Few patients with asthma (allergic chest) describe their disease in the correct way in terms of the state of control and control. Half of asthma patients do not adhere to the treatment advice from the doctor, which may lead to a deterioration in their condition and hospitalization. A study conducted in Egypt showed the effect of patients’ non-compliance with the inhaled treatment (nebulizer) that among 110 Patients there 358. 2% have a high level of adherence to their medication and

.9% are moderately committed and 42.9% are low-commitment.”

As Dr. Hossam Hosny, Professor of Chest Diseases and Allergy at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, explained: “The most important risk factors for developing asthma are age, gender, and country, in addition to For some diseases associated with asthma such as respiratory diseases, heart diseases, digestive system and neurological diseases. More than a third of people with asthma currently do not control their disease when treated with their current inhalers. In addition, there is a large percentage of asthmatic patients (28-28 (%) do not use inhalers correctly, which reduces the therapeutic benefits they get.”
Dr. Essam noted Gouda, Professor of Chest Diseases at Alexandria Medicine, indicated that the great commitment to taking asthma medications requires conducting specialized medical research to identify and identify weaknesses and overcome them in order to support and help asthma patients. The Platinum Program has been designed to achieve specific goals, and more than 7500 asthma patients around the world have participated in the program. 4 studies included in the program showed that the failure of asthmatic patients to receive treatment through the inhaler is a major problem in the treatment of asthma, and leads to an increase in deaths and disease severity and an increase in the number of periodic visits by the patient to the hospital, which also leads to an increase in health care costs for patients.
Dr. Essam Joudeh stressed the need to increase the level of commitment of asthma patients to take treatment in order to enable them to achieve better treatment results.
“The most good news is the constant daily dose of the triple combination therapy for asthma control,” said Dr. Adel Khattab, Professor of Chest Diseases at Ain Shams University. for asthma patients in Egypt, especially as this new category of products has proven its ability and efficiency in improving patients’ quality of life and reducing asthma exacerbations compared to the usual standard treatments. The dual treatment was able to achieve an improvement in the treatment of asthma cases by 28%, while the triple treatment achieved an improvement by

%, especially after the introduction of new inhalers that contain innovative therapeutic molecules in the Egyptian market, whether inhalers that contain double or triple therapy. The mometasone furoate compounds showed the highest binding ability and the best level of asthma control.”

Dr. Khattab added that the patients’ use of one device It will serve both patients and the environment because patients will not need to use additional nebulizers, thus reducing emissions and carbon footprint.

Confirmed Dr. Jihan Ramadan, Head of Scientific Sector at Novartis Pharma Egypt: “The currently available treatments for asthma patients have been able to help them adapt and live with the disease, but many patients have worsened their condition and increased their asthma symptoms, which has significantly affected their quality of life.”
“Our goal at Novartis is to reimagine the health care provided to asthma patients in order to help them better control their disease,” she added.
“The last 60 years at Novartis have witnessed two important developments in the treatment and care of asthma patients on a global level, the first of which was the invention of inhalers in the 1960s. And recently, the creation of biological drugs for asthma patients.”
and drew attention to The launch of a drug with a fixed daily dose that includes a triple combination therapy to control asthma in Egypt is a practical testament to our commitment to Egyptian asthma patients, ensuring that they receive the latest treatments for their condition..
In turn, Dr. Ahmed Magdy Taher, Head of Immunology, Dermatology and Respiratory Division at Novartis Pharma Egypt, said: “Novartis seeks to develop innovative solutions to deal with widespread diseases as well as rare diseases. At the same time, respiratory diseases, and asthma in particular, due to their high prevalence rates, have been at the forefront of Novartis’ priorities for many years.”
He added, “We look seriously at the pivotal role we play in providing healthcare solutions for people suffering from respiratory diseases, and we focus mainly on stimulating scientific progress and innovation with the aim of improving the lives of patients suffering from lung and respiratory diseases around the world. And by prioritizing innovation of healthcare solutions directed to this category, and establishing close partnerships with patients and healthcare experts. Novartis is able to meet the health needs of asthma management and control, improve clinical outcomes for patients with asthma and other respiratory diseases, and reduce the burden these diseases place on the health care system and society in general.