OPay aims to expand in the UAE at the end of this year

A. Hussain

The global “OPay” group for financial technology services praised the Electronic payments are based on the steps taken by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian state in the framework of developing the electronic payments sector and contactless payment services, and that the support provided by Mr. Tarek Amer, Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, paved the way for a faster digital transformation of the Egyptian banking sector, by reducing dependence on cash transactions Expand the promotion of the culture of contactless payments, and expand the provision of automated services. It also provided many initiatives that gave huge opportunities for electronic payment companies to enter the Egyptian market and provide customers with a set of advanced digital services.

OPay plans to expand into more regions by the end of the year, especially in the UAE, and aims to enhance its existing suite of financial services and adapt to new security standards to keep customer data confidential and secure. 20220223 “OPay” had secured a financing round of

one million dollars in August The past, which raised the company’s valuation to $2 billion, which motivated the company to launch towards the North African region, especially Egypt, as this helped it achieve tremendous success in less than a year of entering the Egyptian market last February, and enabling it to provide possible financial solutions to customers. And merchants and small and medium-sized companies. The scene of electronic payments in Egypt as a result of those policies adopted by the Egyptian state It is also considered one of the fastest growing and widespread companies in the Egyptian market since its first launch in Egypt at the beginning of the year 20220223, as it gained the confidence of thousands of merchants who use its points of sale to collect Invoices and other payments.

The report stated that the “OPay” financial technology company was established in

, quickly grew into the largest financial services provider, and besides its business in Egypt, the company also operates regionally in Nigeria and Pakistan, and the early success of the company owes to its dedication to making Financial services are accessible to all segments of society, and this year, OPay is looking to expand into the rest of the Middle East and North Africa.

“OPay” confirmed that it provides a range of financial solutions specifically designed to suit all customers, both individuals and companies, which include payment options via payment machines (POS) and online, as well as digital wallet service using the power of artificial intelligence, and it should be noted that the “OPay” gateway Online (OPay checkout) hosts a range of high quality services Quality, integrated solutions, and excellent commission system, which enable small and medium-sized companies to achieve growth in profits.

As for individuals OPay provides easier ways to pay bills and other payments through the app available on iOS as well as Google Play.

This remarkable development achieved by OPay is due to the integrated services it provides to its customers, in addition to the ease of access to them, as the registration of the account on the application or the electronic portal is done through easy and simple steps, and the company has become a major driver of financial inclusion in Africa, As it was able to quickly adopt digital services through cashless and contactless payments with improved financial information security solutions, “OPay” provides appropriate financial technology solutions to unbanked customers in Africa, as the company has more than 160 1 Million Active Users Currently with Monthly Transactions of $3 Billion.