Al-Qusayr reviews Egypt's efforts to confront climate change and prepares a vision to present it at the Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh

221387 221387 ) during his participation in the Expo 221385 currently being held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 221387 Mr. Al Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, participated in the first ministerial meeting of the Agricultural Innovation Initiative for Climate, which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in Attendance of about 17 ministers and more than 27 Ministers via video conference

At the beginning of his speech, Al-Qusair thanked Minister Maryam Al-Muhairi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment of the United Arab Emirates, for the kind invitation to participate in this important meeting, which It will be held on the sidelines of the Agriculture and Food Week at the Dubai World Expo, and on the UAE’s adoption of the AIM for Climate initiative in partnership with The United States of America and with the support of 40 a country which comes at a very appropriate time in terms of need Urgent to ensure food security and development of supply chains for food products.
“Al-Qusair” convey greetings The Egyptian state leadership, government and people to the sisterly United Arab Emirates, and to the ministers participating in this initiative for their unremitting efforts during the period of inauguration and launch of the initiative..

221387 69662 Al-Qusair added that Egypt supports this initiative, as it represents a great opportunity for participating countries and development partners to support the application of agricultural innovations with the aim of shifting to building healthy, sustainable, resilient agricultural and food systems, more efficient and comprehensive, which contributes to achieving the sustainable development goals of the United Nations as part of Strategically based on national and global responses to current and future challenges by diversifying sources of inputs and production with diversification of markets and supply chains. It is also one of the most important mechanisms to enhance efforts made as a priority key to eradicating poverty and securing decent livelihoods for millions of people, especially in developing countries and the African continent. The Minister of Agriculture indicated that despite the importance of the mitigation aspect as an element to deal with climate change, it should not come on the constants of sustainable development and food security, and said that there are guiding topics discussed in previous conferences of parties that reinforced current efforts to combat changes Climate change requires actual implementation on the ground, which must take into account the different agricultural systems and economies of scale (Economic of scale). For participation between the African Union and the European Union in the Belgian capital, Brussels, last Thursday ( (February 2019) where His Excellency indicated that Egypt will seek to produce the climate summit with balanced and executable results to raise the ambition of climate action with all its components, whether In terms of lowering emissions or adaptation, in order to build on the positive results of the previous conference in Glasgow and to transform climate pledges into a reality, stressing in this context the importance of supporting the African continent to confront this crisis, by providing concessional climate finance, which is the cornerstone of the existing efforts in this framework.
221387 Al-Qusayr also referred to the speech of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi during the “Climate and Biodiversity Session” At the “seven countries” summit in August 2019, which stressed that climate change poses a danger and a direct threat to all, calling for cooperation and addressing the This problem with emphasizing the importance of reducing carbon emissions and switching to green. His Excellency stressed the need to adhere to the principle of “common responsibility but differentiated burdens” in our dealings with the phenomenon of climate change, and the importance of balancing efforts to reduce emissions and efforts to adapt to the effects of climate, while respecting national ownership of the measures. This is in addition to the importance of providing sustainable and appropriate financing for developing countries to confront this phenomenon, which is still financing that fails to meet the needs, along with providing the means of implementation of technology and capacity building, while ensuring that additional burdens are not imposed on our African countries that increase the risks of a high level 221387 Al-Qusair said that the world witnessed a boom in the field of research, development and agricultural innovation that led It led to leaps in production and productivity, and the production of agricultural production requirements (such as seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) became an industry that entered the field of patents and technological property rights for the countries that produced them. The development of high-production and quality strains that are compatible with climate change and less in need of water is a feature of the modern era, in support of raising The efficiency of the use of land and water units, as it is no longer acceptable to keep the productivity of the cultivated unit of crops in some regions of the world (that do not take into account agricultural innovations) 80 % of that of developed countries. 221385

The Minister of . added Ziraa that Egypt, by hosting the COP Conference 27, is looking forward to building on what has been achieved In Glasgow, translating pledges into concrete actions, we will work together in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, which will host the 28th Conference (COP)28 That the outputs should be responsible and take into account the interests of countries affected by the repercussions of climate change and their ability to confront these changes and reach effective initiatives that can be applied during the coming period to protect the peoples of the world and their capabilities from the impact of climate change.)
He indicated that an Egyptian initiative is currently being drafted to be presented at the Climate Summit (COP ) Integrates in its elements with the AIM initiative on the one hand and the methane reduction initiative on the other hand It addresses the aspect of mitigation and adaptation in a more balanced way, providing the countries that will join it a new integrated vision for dealing with the negative effects of climate change.