The Regional Food and Feeding Company obtains the international accreditation certificate for the ninth time


In implementation of the instructions of Mr. Al-Qusayr, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and Dr. Muhammad Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, the necessity of developing laboratories and adopting the methods used and adding what It is necessary to analyze methods that keep pace with the latest developments in the feed records, methods of control and detection of fraud. Dr. Ahmed Al-Okazy, Director of the Regional Center for Food and Feed, announced

Renewal of accreditation in the field of laboratory quality in accordance with the accreditation specification ISO 17025 for the year 2017, from the American International Accreditation Authority A2LA. This renewal is considered for the ninth time in a row by the international accreditation body, in addition to the supervisory center’s record, where the center obtained the first accreditation certificate in 2004 with the number of five laboratories, which increased to fifteen accredited laboratories with thirty-three methods of analysis.
The Regional Center for Food and Feed has adopted the principle of quality as the basis for its work.
Al-Okazy added that the center’s international accreditation had been renewed in the following areas:

1 Examination and grading of grains

2 Determination of crude protein
3 raw fibers

4 Components of ADF Fiber. NDF , ADL

5 Microscopic examination

6 amino acids
7 Determining the source of amino acids

8 Total Energy
9 vitamins

10 Estimates of physiological fluids (cholesterol – triglycerides)

11 Water measurements, whether in drinking water, well water and sewage water

12 Minerals

13 Calcium and Phosphorous
14 Fatty acids and total fats

15 The accreditation of food safety laboratories was also renewed and the strains of bacteria and yeasts that entered as additives were identified. Forage and counting

16 On the other hand, the accreditation was determined For the biotechnology lab, which includes the latest genetic assessment equipment for detection For genetically engineered foods, which can also detect fraud by adding raw materials that are not registered or are not allowed to be added to feed formulations
17 The approval of the mycotoxin plant with raw materials and feed has been determined, which includes measurements of many mycotoxins with highly toxic effects that can be found in feed raw materials in small concentrations within the limits of the ppb, with the latest Internationally used identification and estimation methods.

It is mentioned that the Regional Center for Food and Feed is one of the Center’s entities Agricultural Research Ministry of Agriculture – which cooperates with the livestock and poultry development sector by registering raw materials and feed additives and controlling their circulation

The center works with a vision and slogan of safe fodder for safe food in implementation of its role in Egypt 2030 agricultural strategy for sustainable development.