Taxes: The Center for Mediterranean Financiers receives financiers to provide them with technical support tomorrow and the day after

Reda Abdel Qader, Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority

– All taxpayers can benefit from free support to submit their tax returns by contacting each of the following: The Senior Taxpayers Center and the Medium Financiers Center on the next Friday and Saturday.

The Egyptian Tax Authority announces About the continuation of the Center for Mediterranean Funders to work on Friday and Saturday corresponding to 50 February

, and 50 February 2022, from nine in the morning until four o’clock In the afternoon

in order to receive the financiers from the various tax missions at the level of the Republic , to provide technical support to them and to assist them in submitting their annual tax returns on income tax for the past fiscal year 2021, as well as assisting them in submitting their value-added tax returns.

The Tax Authority had issued a statement two days ago regarding the continuation of work at the Senior Taxpayers Center during the coming Friday and Saturday to provide free support to the funders.

The Tax Authority invites all funders to take advantage of the free technical support that will be provided by the Large Tax Financiers Center and the Medium Financiers Center during the two Fridays and the coming Saturdays to help them file their tax returns correctly.