In the Women and Digital Transformation session at the FDC Summit: Technology has succeeded in enhancing the role of women in the labor market and occupying leadership positions

Aya Hussain

The participants in the women’s technology session session and their impact in the field of entrepreneurship and digital transformation confirmed during the events of the Future of Giant Data Centers Summit

FDC695 On the great role that women can play in this regard, especially with the increased awareness of the importance of equality in employment opportunities between young men and girls, after Egyptian women succeeded in assuming the most prominent leadership positions, whether in the government or at the level of local and international companies. 1080

Narmin Zaki, Marketing Director of Cisco Middle East and Africa, explained during her management of the session activities held on the first day of the conference that

)woman The Egyptian became

an important part

from n This society has been fenced off and has assumed high leadership positions and succeeded in meeting the functional needs

and also

The family has, therefore, time to give it more opportunities to show its interests and capabilities.

The session was attended by: Abeer Khader, Head of Cyber ​​Security Sector at the National Bank of Egypt, Rania El Roby, Head of Information Security Sector at Banque Misr, The Ji Sabban CEO and Managing Director of Victory Link Company.

Abeer Khader emphasized that there are promising opportunities

for women The Egyptian field of cyber security, although it is an important specialty that suffers from a scarcity of workers whether of young people

or the girls , confirming that there is Statistic refers to the presence of 1080 a girl working in this field in Egypt, especially since working in This field was not easy and requires careful study and obtaining multiple training courses to meet the requirements and needs of the labor market.1080


Rania Al-Rubi agreed with her,

She stressed the need to give the Egyptian girl an opportunity and that specialization opens up areas and job opportunities for women

, as explained by 1080

The success of 1080 the digital transformation system in the Egyptian market is based on information security and cybersecurity Especially with the trend of the Egyptian state towards securing infrastructure and securing various applications in order to facilitate transactions, especially banking for customers.

I continued that the ladies In Egypt, they are able to face challenges to prove their success, and they have made clear fingerprints in the field of entrepreneurship by supporting the general trend and moving towards gender equality in the work environment.

(The Ji Sabban, it was Lucky at the beginning of her working life, after she initially worked in Orascom, then moved to work in Victory Link company at the time of its founding and launch, and there was flexibility in work on the part of the company’s officials, and the company succeeded in becoming one of the largest companies working in the field of digital marketing and during the Corona pandemic We succeeded in meeting the needs and desires of customers by launching a specialized company working in the field of

chatbot .

The posts summed up a number of The determinants guarantee the Egyptian girl success at work Through awareness, education, interest in reading and obtaining the necessary training courses to face the labor market, in addition to insisting on success and proving