Head of the Industrial Development Division of “Le Bani Misr”: The industrial development sector includes nearly 13 companies specialized in establishing integrated complexes

20220224 Ashraf Tawfiq

Relying on studies before launching industrial complexes to control the marketing process Lands

Coordination between the government and the private sector when it intends to announce new land proposals

20220224 Establishment of heterogeneous industries an environment that negatively affects other activities

Eng. Basil Shaira, Head of the Industrial Development Division in the Real Estate Development Chamber of the Federation of Industries, said that industrial development is very similar to real estate development, explaining that the industrial developer obtains the lands offered by the state with different areas that are not attached, and then implements the accompanying work and implements The main internal networks.

20220224 In a telephone interview with the program “Al-Li Bani Misr” programme, Marwa Al-Haddad and the broadcaster presented the reporter and journalist Marwa Al-Haddad According to Radio Misr, the industrial developer is responsible for drawing up the general plan of the project or plot of land, dividing it internally, and then marketing it to the local investors. for industrialists to set up small factories, provided that after that works of management, maintenance and other services after operation.

He stressed that the development sector The Industrial Estate includes 12 to 12 a company specialized in the establishment of industrial communities Integrated, including companies that work in the same project in the partnership system and are largely located in the Ain Sukhna area and the economic zone, indicating that there are 5 major companies operating in the partnership system in joint projects at the level of the Republic. 20220224 Basil Shaireh noted that it is difficult to compare industrial development with real estate, especially since the demand for the latter is witnessing a high demand by developers in addition to the large number of available projects, and the state is offering more From the land to the real estate sector, whether by the government or the private sector, which is obtained more easily, while the field of the industrial sector requires waiting for proposals from the government in specific areas, which depend on the unit of measurement of the volume of demand for the region or city by the government.

20220224 He stressed that the industrial developer relies on M Determined according to market needs, its goal is to control the process of marketing lands, which can be measured by the size of the supply, pointing out that coordination is carried out between the government and the private sector when the first intends to announce the launch of new lands in terms of the required spaces and the type of activities most requested.

He pointed out that there are areas that do not need a market study as they contain specific industries such as the leather and furniture city, stressing that the proposals include offering Lands for establishing multiple industries, but with a homogeneous environment and the absence of activities that negatively affect other activities, pointing out that the industrial developer conducts the necessary studies before the project is officially launched, and based on its results, the activities are distributed within the industrial complex. 20220224 The head of the Industrial Development Division in the Real Estate Development Chamber of the Federation of Industries said that what distinguishes obtaining lands from the industrial developer from the Industrial Development Authority and the new urban communities is the availability of services The main works, starting from the escorting works that were carried out to an industrial area, and therefore must be implemented according to the best plans designated for such projects projects, as well as the operation process, which will have a positive return to all holders of land within the industrial communities, as well as maintenance, security, cleaning and agricultural work.