Cooperation protocol between the Export and Import Control Authority and the Industry Council for Technology and Innovation

221825 Under the auspices of Nevin Jameh Minister of Trade and Industry The General Organization for Export and Import Control and the Industry Council for Technology and Industrial Innovation signed a cooperation protocol in the field of supporting cooperation and technical coordination and benefiting from the capabilities and expertise of the centers, as well as the authority’s laboratories in the areas of examination and laboratory tests in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Damietta and Sharqiya, in addition to the transfer and exchange of experiences between the two sides, including The Egyptian economy’s growth system serves to improve the quality of products traded in local markets and enhance the effective presence of Egyptian exports in foreign markets. The cooperation protocol was signed by Major General Essam El-Najjar, head of export and import control, and Mr. Ahmed Reda, assistant minister for industry affairs and supervisor of technology centers.

Major General / Essam Al-Najjar, Head of Export and Import Control, explained that this This protocol comes within the framework of the state’s interest in preventing the entry of poor quality products and goods into the country, and adopting the European and American standards applied when importing goods that enter the local market, noting that not allowing inferior products to enter Egypt protects consumer rights and enhances the local product and national industry.
Al-Najjar pointed out that there is a plan to develop chemical, physical and mechanical testing laboratories to qualify and approve the certificate. ISO 221827 in order to carry out approved tests according to international standards to ensure the quality of local and international products. For his part, Mr. Ahmed Reda, the assistant minister for industry affairs and supervisor of the technology centers said that the industrial technology and innovation centers have developed a new strategy that achieves the goals of economic development and Egypt’s vision

through launching sectoral projects aimed at doubling exports and supporting small and medium industries by transferring and localizing technology and adopting innovative initiatives to develop the Egyptian industry and present To support the technical and raise technical competencies to ensure the availability of high-quality Egyptian products that meet the needs of the Egyptian citizen of high-quality products and increase the competitiveness of Egyptian products in the global market. He pointed out that this protocol supports the ministry’s efforts to expand in the technical and geographical areas to provide all the necessary services and technical support that guarantee the quality of local and international products through integration between government agencies concerned with internal and external trade and the private sector in support of the industrial sector as well as work The Egyptian economy must be a disciplined market economy characterized by stability and capable of achieving sustainable growth and competitiveness.