National Communications and Cooperation Protocols with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

The National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport signed joint cooperation protocols to exchange experiences and training programs and advance research and development, in addition to establishing two centers of excellence and research in the fields of robotics, autonomous systems, and cybersecurity. This step comes from the keenness of both From the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport to strengthen the ties of cooperation, coordination and integration between them to develop and develop the human cadres of both parties in line with modern technical developments, in addition to supporting research activities in the field of communications and linking them to technical developments and the actual needs of the labor market.

In the meantime, Engineer Hossam El-Gamal, CEO of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, stressed that signing cooperation protocols with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport comes within the framework of the NTRA’s keenness to establish a strategic partnership with one of the most important leading scientific institutions. Regionally in the areas of training and scientific research, which will be reflected in the Your partnership is to develop the capabilities and human resources of both parties to keep pace with the latest advanced technologies in the fields of cybersecurity, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems, and prepare specialized competencies capable of finding and creating practical solutions to address the challenges facing the Egyptian telecom market.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar, President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, said: “We are pleased to cooperate with the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and we hope that this cooperation will achieve the desired goals, indicating that the cooperation supports the expansion of communication channels between the Academy And the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to push the process of transformation into a knowledge economy.

“Abdul Ghaffar” added that the signing of the protocol comes from the two parties’ desire to develop and strengthen joint cooperation between them in order to benefit from the joint capabilities of the two parties in the fields of education and training. The two parties agreed to provide all possible assistance within the limits of the specific competencies of each party, to achieve these goals in a manner that fulfills the role entrusted to each of them.

“Abdul Ghaffar” stressed that Today, artificial intelligence is one of the most important products of the innovation stage that accompanied the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution, whose tools were formed by the development of the data of the technological revolution, digital technologies, smart systems and software applications.

He pointed out that the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Transport Al-Bahri, one of the specialized organizations and the technical arm of the League of Arab States, has managed over the course of 50 years to keep pace with the rapid global pace in the fields of training, education and scientific research.

This cooperation protocols provide for: Participation in many technological fields and the transfer of technical, legal and regulatory expertise between the Authority and the Academy, in addition to implementing specialized training programs in several areas, including frequency spectrum management, infrastructure planning for communication services in smart cities, artificial intelligence, data analysis and processing, public administration and human development, as well as It aims to cooperate in activities and programs and to establish centers of excellence to develop scientific research in the field of communications.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Eng. Hossam El-Gamal, CEO of the National Authority Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar, President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

It is worth mentioning that the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority is the official authority concerned with regulating the telecommunications sector, through the implementation of the established policy for the development and dissemination of telecommunications services of all kinds. In a manner that keeps pace with technological development and ensures meeting the needs of individuals, institutions and various sectors of the state in terms of communication services and technologies while encouraging national and international investment in this sector in light of the rules of free competition.

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport is also a scientific training institution Since its inception, it aims to lead in providing its distinguished services by keeping pace with the global development in the fields of education, training and scientific research out of its belief in the importance of strengthening the educational process using computer programs and information and communication technology. Among its objectives is also providing many training programs and activities and preparing specialists in the field Information technology as well as its leading role in the process of human resource development.