Exhibition by the plastic artist “Iman Al-Toukhi” “Black Holes”

Aya Hussein The exhibition was opened on February 20, 2022 at 10 pm

The psychological conflicts that result from the conflict between opposing desires and the failure to satisfy the needs or not allowing them to express themselves consciously.
, and this conflict continues throughout the life of the individual, which makes him make decisions that may affect him throughout his life, especially if it is emotional .. and most of those who are always in psychological conflicts are women in particular In the Arab and Eastern societies, because of the many restrictions that the society represents for her that hinder her and affect her decisions in most cases in achieving her desired goals, especially if she is a breadwinner or divorced woman. All these conflicts result in scars in her soul that she may never be able to get rid of.. which may pose a danger Ali is a whole generation of children under her care…