Dubai to host the World Humanitarian Summit March 30, 2022

Aya Hussain

International City has signed For humanitarian services a memorandum of understanding with the World Humanitarian Summit, the global forum specialized in discussing challenges and solutions aimed at improving the humanitarian conditions around the world and developing humanitarian work regionally and globally.

Giuseppe Saba, Executive Director of the International Humanitarian City, and Daoud Al-Shezawi, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Humanitarian Summit signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the Summit scheduled to be held on

Next March.

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, the two parties will promote the exchange of creative ideas and coordination In developing effective policies during the summit to advance global humanitarian work. In addition, the two parties agreed to communicate with various stakeholders around the world to contribute and participate in the implementation of the programs of the World Humanitarian Summit.

Commenting on the signing of the MoU, Giuseppe Saba, Executive Director of the International Humanitarian City in Dubai, said: “As a free zone mandated by the Government of Dubai to facilitate the work of registered relief organizations, the International Humanitarian City encourages various initiatives aimed at strengthening existing human systems. There is no doubt that the process of continuous development is important and necessary to ensure our ability to effectively and professionally address global emergencies and disasters, thus protecting lives. The World Humanitarian Summit represents a strategic global platform to enhance dialogue among stakeholders to achieve effective international humanitarian protocols.”

Giuseppe added Saba: “The memorandum of understanding that we signed reflects our support for this important global summit and our willingness to make our contributions to achieve its general goals, in line with the directives of the wise leadership to provide continuous aid and hope to the world. Most importantly, this collaboration reflects our shared goals of creating new partnerships with innovators and private sector actors and operating in accordance with the highest international standards. We welcome this cooperation and look forward to working side by side with the World Humanitarian Summit team.”

On her part, Shakira Akbar said Director of the World Humanitarian Summit: “The work of the summit in its current session will provide a platform for international humanitarian organizations to gather in one place for discussion and consultation on issues of common interest and opportunities for their activities. The importance of this lies in light of the myriad of serious challenges that have arisen due to the recent Corona epidemic. Health disasters showed the widening of inequality around the world and led to many problems that had a significant impact on the lives of many, especially among the most vulnerable groups in societies around the world. Accordingly, we need to intensify our efforts to provide aid, empower individuals, families and communities in need, and remove barriers and obstacles.”

Akbar added: “Our partnership with the International City for Humanitarian Services will contribute to enhancing the success of the summit, as the discussion among all participants is sure to lead to lasting and meaningful change. The International Humanitarian City and the World Humanitarian Summit will identify possible areas of cooperation within a framework that achieves our common goals. We would also like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the city for their partnership with us to contribute to the realization of our common ambitions.”

The World Humanitarian Summit is a platform It brings together under one roof governmental and private institutions, international organizations, humanitarian organizations and academic institutions to promote, support and develop humanitarian work by adopting the highest degrees of neutrality, integrity, independence and other human values. The summit will shed light on persistent global issues such as pandemics, racism, gender inequality, poverty, persecution and hunger. It also aims to involve many parties in the work and to display and highlight the importance of humanitarian work.

Mr. Giuseppe Saba will participate during the The summit by reviewing the model of the International Humanitarian City as the largest humanitarian services center in the world based in Dubai. The International City for Humanitarian Services will also set up a presentation pavilion during the summit to communicate and discuss its tasks and objectives with participants and visitors, in addition to presenting the efforts of the humanitarian activities of the United Arab Emirates.