Albatros Marketing Manager: Support your country's tourism in Egypt after Russia's war with Ukraine


Eid: We must move quickly in all directions for the German market to return with force to the Red Sea

Mohamed Eid Suleiman, General Manager of Marketing for Resorts Group, said, “Bik Albatros Egypt, for sure, there will be a negative impact on incoming tourism to Egypt after the outbreak of the war.” Between Russia and Ukraine, and that the absence of Ukrainians from the tourist areas in Egypt will affect hotel occupancy by between 20 and 25%, especially in Sharm el-Sheikh

Eid said in a press statement You should not stand idly by, and the Ministry of Tourism did well yesterday, in cooperation with major hotels, to welcome and host Ukrainian tourists. Returning from the airports, but we have to move quickly in all directions for the return of the German market in strength, especially on the Red Sea and Hurghada And also thinking about finding alternative markets with the beginning of the long summer season in Egypt this year, such as the Gulf market, especially the Saudi market.. The idea of ​​direct flights between Jeddah and Riyadh airports to Hurghada must be put forward.. Finally, domestic tourism must be supported and the idea of ​​hotel workers changed from the tourist. The Egyptian who goes to hotels now more than once a year and pays cash and more and also wants to see and enjoy the tourist areas in his country such as Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Hurghada, Sahl Hasheesh, Abusuma and Marsa Alam..