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Iman Al-Wasili

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Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, an economic analyst and financial advisor to the Arab Union for Development and Development of the Council of Economic Unity of the League of Arab States, said: “It always appears The United States and the West use the weapon of economic sanctions when confronting any major powers and speed up the use of their military power in the face of weak countries, such as what happened in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries that are confident that they do not have the military power to deter them. The economic sanctions weapon always paid off in the past, but it became Economic sanctions from the past are like the American hegemony over decision-making and influence in the world that hegemony obtained The United States has since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but all this has become a thing of the past. : “The West has abandoned us. They have left us alone in the face of Russia after all these promises.” He remained alone in that confrontation, naked at the mercy of President Putin.

Abdel Wahab indicated, that what is happening today in Ukraine is tantamount to Emphasizing that a new scientific system has given birth to a political and economic system, and here lies the question: will Russia be affected by these economic sanctions, which I think will be nothing more than mere statements of exploitation and media distortion. Those drawn lines.

Abdel-Wahab continued: “This is what Russia did, which was absolutely sure of the American reaction, which would not be anything but statements and would not cost it more than the cost of the ink with which it was written, stressing that Russia today Changed Russia in the past, Russia today is a strong, economically capable country And militarily, it has the greatest influence on the European economy through its supply of gas, oil, food crops and many other raw materials used in various industries, Russia today, which forced Turkey to announce that it will not be able to close the Bosphorus Strait in the face of Russian shipping, Russia is the major economic power that made Germany Refuses to supply Ukraine with arms and rejects sanctions against Russia A dollar of petroleum products, 388 two billion gases, and 190 billion of non-petroleum commodities.

The Financial Adviser of the Arab Union added For development and development, Russia is the country number 11 in the global ranking in terms of the size of the economies in the world with a manpower that exceeded 40 One million people prepared well for that battle, as its exports to allied countries amounted to 30 % of the volume of its exports, so we find China ranked first in terms of Russia’s exports to it. . 4 billion dollars, followed by Kazakhstan 40. 3 billion dollars, then Belarus 40 .4 mill. T dollars, then Turkey 11. 16 A billion dollars, even the United States itself, 8 billion Dollars. Where Russia supplies Germany with approximately 40 %, Italy 40 % and France 8%, so will you be able to Europe will face the cold of winter without Russia’s gas. Will any country be able to make up for that difference, knowing that it will become in a state of hostility with Russia, if America’s economic weapon has become empty, you can hear no more than the noise of its firing. Russia, with its experience today and its new alliances with China, is drawing the features of a new world order.