Environment and Higher Education launch the Climate Pioneers Initiative to support the national capacities of university youth in the field of climate change

Aya Hussein

Dr. Yasmine was fired Fouad, Minister of Environment, and Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Climate Pioneers Initiative; To support the national capacities of university youth in the field of climate change, in cooperation with the Center of Excellence for Research and Applied Studies of Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the National Research Center, through video conference technology, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Hashem, head of the National Research Center, and Dr. Ashraf Shaalan, Head of the Center of Excellence, Dr. Fajr Abdel-Gawad, Deputy Director of the Center of Excellence, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Sharqawi, Assistant Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Finance and Investment.

In her speech, the Minister of Environment stressed the importance of cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research; To qualify university youth to understand climate change issues, noting that this program comes within the framework of Egypt’s hosting of the Climate Change Conference and a continuation of the joint cooperation that began two years ago; To support one of the projects of the Ministry of Environment on the subject of climate change and biodiversity in the university education process.

The Minister of Environment added that we are working to change the traditional view of the environment among young people, not only in issues related to air, water and noise pollution, but rather we seek to integrate the concepts of the entire global environment topics from climate change, biodiversity, desertification and other Topics.

8820822557777785761 Minister Environment We seek through the launch of the Climate Pioneers Initiative program for students and university youth to become aware and familiar with these topics without considering their presence in their curriculum, and if any, it is in a different way from the traditional methods of faculties of science, engineering and others, in addition to linking this to the labor market.

In his speech, he emphasized Dr.. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar for the continuous and permanent cooperation and coordination between the Ministries of Higher Education and the Environment in all initiatives and programs for hosting the 200 session of the COP

, praising the efforts made by the work team in the two ministries, especially the Center of Excellence of the National Research Center; For the success of the conference and to show Egypt in the civilized form that is appropriate to it before the world, noting that this conference is one of the international events that receive great attention from the Egyptian state, international organizations and various countries of the world.

Dr. Abdel Ghaffar is the pivotal role of the Center of Excellence of the National Research Center in confronting the dangers of climate change, whose effects we see in Egypt, pointing out that it includes heads of centers and research institutes, civil society organizations, international, regional and national scientific and research bodies, as well as research groups specialized in areas that serve climate change and sustainable development. , stressing the need to focus on research studies of the Egyptian society in terms of raising environmental awareness as one of the most important factors for the success of any plans and programs in this regard.

The Minister also stressed the provision of all means of support, whether through Egyptian universities or centers, institutes and research bodies; In what contributes to the success of the conference and its organization in a manner befitting the name of the Egyptian state, referring to the participation of 533 an Egyptian university in the COP climate conference 26 at its last 533 session, which was held

The Minister of Higher Education stressed the importance of an ambitious program for university youth; It aims to introduce them to the issue of climate and climate change, the challenges facing us, and the importance of Egypt organizing this international conference, as well as organizing a special session to integrate the dimensions of climate change into university education curricula, and to include the impact of climate change in university education activities, especially medical education.

8820822557777785761 The Minister of Environment added that the Climate Pioneers initiative aims to Building national capacities to synergize with the state’s efforts in dealing with the issue of climate change, by building the capacities of university youth with scientific knowledge of climate changes, expanding the climate knowledge base, linking the initiative’s supporters and graduates to graduation projects and research and applied projects, and generalizing the relationship between climate action and various university disciplines, And the link between the work of the Ministry of Environment, research centers, universities and the Center of Excellence.

The Minister of Environment explained that the training program includes the topics of the concept of climate change, the development of the strategy for climate changes, how to confront climate changes, the national strategy for climate change, and the main axes Adaptation and mitigation and the basic pillars to achieve them, the required areas of research and development, the priorities of facing climate change in Egypt and the world and its relationship to the United Nations sustainable development goals, the impact of climatic changes on various activities, fields and services, challenges and opportunities, and enabling policies to confront climate changes in Egypt, such as modern technologies to reduce Carbon emissions, and the importance of Egypt hosting the meeting of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention.

It is new to mention that a training guide for Trainers TOT will be prepared, which is being prepared in conjunction with the training courses; To benefit from the outcomes of the training sessions, and the discussions that will take place during the sessions, and it will be approved by the Ministries of Environment and Higher Education.

The training program targets age groups from 533 – 533 in general, including 533 a participant In each training course of the program for those to whom we apply the selection criteria, the training course is held for a period of two months, and the training process takes place either through direct meetings with the trainees, taking into account all precautionary measures to prevent the Corona virus, as well as through virtual meetings.