Surprise for all citizens of Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

Iman Al-Wasili

In these days, everyone is concerned about any need related to money, whether it is tampering, spending or transferring it. Or investing them, due to the increase in pressures and life requirements, and this led to an increase in the demand for banks and dealing with them, so that all financial transactions became banking, not like the time.

And when we noticed that most citizens are interested in banks, we kept offering you everything related to banks, and it is not a single bank, not a large number of famous and successful banks that citizens trust.

I will not bring you a fresh service announced by Al-Ahly Bank of Kuwait on its official page on the social networking site, Facebook, and this service has to do with the consent of money and its transfer from person to person or transferring it.

All that matters is that Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait has joined the banks that have their own electronic wallet, through which the customer can transfer money and pay it to any place or person and ship the money at any time

All that matters is that Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait has joined the banks that have their own electronic wallet, through which the customer can appreciate A. He transfers money, pays it to any place or person, and ships the money at any time.

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This electronic wallet is called ABK Wallet, and anyone can participate in it, not provided that he is an old customer in the bank

Al Ahli of Kuwait, if anyone has an old wallet on the phone, they can replace it with the Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait electronic wallet,

Then you will be able to enjoy the new payment experience that provides you with maximum security and ease for purchases, transfers, online shopping and bill payments.

How to deal with the electronic wallet from Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

– the first thing you need to charge it using debit cards Your direct / credit from Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait or through the bank branches. Automated teller machine that supports e-wallet services.

– It will help you pay your phone bills For mobile, landline ADSL, or water, electricity and gas bills.

– You can also pay subscriptions and transport tickets, and donate to charities.

– You can also transfer and receive money instantly to and from any wallet in Egypt.

– You can immediately issue a secured virtual card for one use and enjoy safe online shopping.

– Using the wallet you can buy All you need is by scanning the merchant’s QR mark when paying.

How to subscribe to the service
– Visit the nearest Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait branch and submit the application for registration to subscribe to the wallet.

– Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait will send you a text message containing a link to download the application and the activation code.

– You will download the application From the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

– Enter the activation code and choose the special password (M-PIN).