Inauguration of the Scientific Society for Oncology with the Support of Doctors and Patients

In the presence of the President of the Syndicate of Physicians, senior professors of oncology in Egypt, and a number of public figures, parliamentarians and cancer fighters, the launch of the Scientific Society for Oncology in Cairo, and its conference for the treatment of blood tumors and lymphomas, was announced. With the aim of raising awareness of cancer and providing support to patients.
The association also aims to provide psychological support to oncologists, especially in light of what doctors direct from Psychological pressures as a result of what they direct during reading and examining the cases of patients with tumors.
Dr. Mohamed El-Shazly, Professor of Oncology and President of the Scientific Society for Cancer Treatment said SOS Oncology, the association has set 4 goals for it, the first is to support scientific research in the field of oncology to achieve efficiency in treatment, and the second is to support oncologists by providing the best medical courses for doctors and introducing them to the latest developments in the world in the field of oncology.
And the third is to treat patients during their treatment journey and inform them of the complications of the disease and how to avoid them until reaching recovery, and finally raise awareness of cancer and give correct information to people and ways to provide the best service to patients, in line with with orientation
Dr. El-Shazly added that the association, which was announced last July, will provide psychological support to oncologists, especially in light of The psychological pressures that direct them as a result of what they direct during the examination and examination of patients with tumors. and holding scientific conferences for the advancement of oncologists, and therefore we are trying to support psychiatrists to provide the best medical service for oncology patients.

Presidential initiatives for early detection of tumors have contributed to reaching patients and providing medical care to them, which helps in treating cases early, which is important, and the Scientific Society for Oncology supports presidential initiatives and all state efforts to help oncology patients.

On her part, Dr. Enas Abdel Halim, Professor of Oncology at Mansoura Medicine and a member of the House of Representatives, said that the inauguration of the Scientific Society for Oncology and the great interest in attending the inaugural conference of the Society with its first conference on leukemia and tumors Lymph, stresses the importance of the association’s role, which will be specialized To serve patients with specific tumors and provide support to doctors.
, “and this is in light of the interest of the state and its health institutions in providing the best care for cancer patients, whether Through presidential initiatives for early detection of tumors, or by providing all cancer treatments to patients through the hospitals of the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance.”
For his part, Dr. Yousry Rostom, Professor of Oncology and Nuclear Medicine, said that the Conference on Hematology, Blood Cancers and Lymphoma is one of the important conferences that are held in Egypt. This contributes to increasing more recovery rates, thus improving the quality of life for patients. Discovering tumors in a way that improves the accurate detection, diagnosis and treatment of tumors in a way that provides the best services to treat patients with the least side effects.
Citizens who suffer from a disease for a long time without treatment or the presence of False from any orifice of the body, the need to expedite the examination, which leads to the early treatment of any cancerous tumors.