The Minister of Trade and Industry inaugurates the Seventh Annual International Conference “Women… Partners in Success: From Coexistence to Excellence”

Confirmed Nevin Gameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, the Egyptian state’s keenness to support and empower women and enhance their role in building and stabilizing the family and society as a key partner in achieving sustainable economic development, noting that Egyptian women are strongly present in a large number of industrial and investment projects that provide thousands of job opportunities and enhance rates. Economic growth in addition to the presence of a large number of women entrepreneurs in various sectors and economic activities.

The Minister said that His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi attaches great importance to advancing the role of women in society and the economy, as it was adopted During the year 2017 the national strategy for the empowerment of Egyptian women 221994, which Egypt took the lead in launching in line with the The Sustainable Development Goals were approved as a roadmap for the Egyptian government, and the year 221994 was designated as a “year for Egyptian women,” noting that the strategy is based on four axes: political empowerment and promoting Women’s leadership roles, economic empowerment, protection and empowerment

This came in the context of the Minister’s speech, which she delivered on behalf of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister during her opening of the activities of the Seventh Annual International Conference “Women… Partners for Success: From Coexistence to Excellence” Organized by the Business Women’s Association of Egypt at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Dr. Sherifa Sherif, Executive Director of the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, CEO of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, Leslie Reid, Director of the US Agency for International Development in Egypt, and Dr. Yomna El Sheridi, President of the Egyptian Businesswomen’s Association.

Jameh explained that holding this important event for the seventh time reflects the great interest that the political leadership and the government attach to Egyptian women, who enjoy the support and confidence of the President of the Republic in their abilities. And the importance of her role in society and even the Egyptian economy as a whole, noting that the Egyptian woman has enjoyed over the past years the opening of new horizons that were not available before, which paved the way for her to broaden participation in all economic and political sectors, and Social and cultural, which contributed to giving women the opportunity they deserve to prove themselves, their position and their ability to work, and to fight for the future and the advancement of the nation.

The Minister pointed out that empowering Egyptian women is one The most important priorities of the Ministry during the current stage are to overcome the challenges facing small industries in light of the Corona pandemic crisis, and to work to create opportunities that contribute to the promotion and increase of investments in all sectors of the state, noting that the Ministry is currently working in cooperation with the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation on the Women’s Project in She Trades, which supports small and medium-sized companies owned by Egyptian women in the handicraft sector, to integrate into local and global value chains, and reach new markets by helping small and medium companies develop products according to market requirements, and training them on business development, e-commerce, and quality. packaging, and preparing them to participate in exhibitions, trade missions, promotional events, and business matchmaking meetings.

Jamea indicated that the project aims to enhance A team of three supportive institutions for trade to improve and develop their services to support small and medium-sized companies owned by women, and to link small and medium companies to global markets, to benefit from a prepared business environment, and to obtain high-quality support services to improve their business performance and increase their competitiveness in global markets, thus contributing to economic and social development in Egypt through business development, pointing out that the project contributes to achieving economic empowerment for women by creating sustainable job opportunities, especially for women, in addition to enhancing export capacity building for women-owned companies, improving their compatibility with international market requirements, as well as linking women entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies Women-owned in global value chains, which will have a significant impact on increasing the income of small and medium-sized enterprises owned by women in Egypt, and improving the standard of living of women. Jameh explained that the agency implements many activities, programs and initiatives that would empower women, which include including gender issues in all schools. Programs, projects, activities and initiatives implemented by the Agency, and supporting various craft initiatives by providing various trainings for women according to the local needs of the governorates at the level of the Republic, with a focus on heritage crafts that are vulnerable to extinction, in addition to encouraging cooperation and effective communication with government agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector in the field of Gender and women’s empowerment, and studying the needs of women entrepreneurs, monitoring them and translating them into activities, projects and initiatives to contribute effectively to the work of empowering women, pointing out that the agency is expanding in providing many community services to women in particular to cover the fields of education, literacy and health and reproductive care, where the agency has obtained Gender Seal Certificate The most prominent programs of the Agency directed to women include the program “Women Entrepreneurs Moving Forward” in cooperation with the International Labor Organization and is based on meeting practical needs the strategy for low-income women entrepreneurs by enhancing their business management skills; The development of personal entrepreneurial qualities, and access to support through groups, networks and institutions dealing with enterprise development, in addition to the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program “United Nations Women Initiative”, which aims to improve the economic conditions of both breadwinners and women to support them economically and socially, and graduates who want The establishment of micro-enterprises, and the owners of existing micro-enterprises who wish to expand them to improve their incomes. For social development, to provide a package of training programs on handicrafts and administrative skills for target groups in the governorates of Upper Egypt, the initiative for people with special needs and the woman breadwinner for people with special needs in the poorest communities, and the initiative to support women in business, within the framework of the consulting business services program implemented under The umbrella of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and aims to provide opportunities for economic and social empowerment and promote the concept of entrepreneurship, as well as The pioneering women’s day initiative in the governorates of the Republic, during which distinguished models of female entrepreneurs are honored. An exhibition will be held on the sidelines of the celebration to market the products of female entrepreneurs, as well as the advancement of craft and handicraft industries, through many initiatives to support and revive handicrafts and heritage crafts and handicrafts at the governorate level, including on For example, the “My Craft” initiative and the “Our Heritage” exhibition.