Transport inspects the superstructure works of the Tahya Misr station

Aya Hussain

1. Completing the implementation of the infrastructure works for the multi-purpose Tahya Misr station in Alexandria port two months before the planned date.

2. Commitment to the executive timetable of the station in preparation for the trial operation of general merchandise and RORO in the first half of this year in preparation for the full operation in next October.

As part of the continuous follow-up to the projects that are being implemented to develop the port of Alexandria, which will be completed in addition to what will be completed in the ports of El-Dekheila and El-Max at the end of the year

the Great Port of Alexandria will be One of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, within the framework of the state’s comprehensive plan to make Egypt a global center for global trade and logistics. The team, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir – Minister of Transport, conducted an inspection tour in Alexandria Port. The visit began with the Minister of Transport chairing the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Group for Multipurpose Terminals (EGMPT) No. ( 7) For the fiscal year 720-2022 in the presence of Lieutenant-General / Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority and the captain Tarek Shaheen, President of the Alexandria Port Authority, and the heads of the company’s shareholding bodies at the company’s headquarters in Alexandria Port. Qader Darwish, Chairman of the Board The company’s management during the meeting the executive position of the superstructure works of the Tahya Misr station (TMT), during which he explained the completion of the implementation of the infrastructure works (sidewalks and squares) two months before the planned date, and also reviewed the position of the facilities works, administrative and service buildings, and the contracts made by the company The electronic equipment and systems, the places of their reception and the timings of their supply to comply with the operation plan, explaining that coordination is underway with the Alexandria Port Authority in supplying the station with electrical power, water, drainage and communications, and coordination is taking place with the Customs Authority regarding the supply and installation of radiological examination devices for detection. Regarding exports and imports inside the station, the company’s president also reviewed the ongoing coordination with CMA CGM Group, the world leader in the field of shipping and logistics services, with which the Egyptian Group for Multi-Purpose Terminals (EGMPT) signed a partnership agreement to equip and operate the station, pointing out that the company is currently participating in three new projects. It is a multi-purpose terminal at Safaga port, a multi-purpose terminal at Sokhna port, and a dry bulk terminal at Dekheila port.

Then the Minister of Transport went to inspect the site of the station project in the presence of the project consultant and the Egyptian executing companies, where the Minister followed up the progress of work and stressed the commitment to the executive timeline in preparation for the trial operation of general merchandise and RORO in the first half of this year In preparation for full operation next October. During his meeting with the project workers, the Minister of Transport praised the effort made by the work team of the Egyptian Company for Multi-Purpose Stations Advisory and the executing companies for their implementation of the project and the completion before the specified period for the implementation of the infrastructure works.

At the end of his tour, the team, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, inspected the logistics areas at the back of the Alexandria port, where he inspected the logistics area in Nagai Esso and aluminum in preparation for the start of construction work. The works of constructing, filling and improving soil properties in the second central logistics zone in the Metras Basin were inspected on an area of ​​720 acres, and it is the first of its kind in Alexandria port over the past two years. Its history, as the region contains several sub-areas, which aim to support the transformation of the backwaters of the Alexandria port into a region to support the state’s plans in the sector of value-added activities and export industries, in addition to providing the spaces and services necessary to transform the Great Port of Alexandria into a global logistics port, according to the ministry’s plan to transform Egypt into a center for global trade And logistics, where the area was planned according to several elements, including (the river concession area – the railway trading station – the central area – the administrative services area – in addition to a waiting area and truck service, in addition to linking it to the port of Alexandria with the reconstruction axis and the desert road) where the area aims to create Huge investment opportunities in the sectors and activities of logistics and value-added services by providing customs deposit and re-export areas, due to the strength of communication in the great port of Alexandria by land, river and railways. )