“Block Party”… The first exhibition in the Middle East for artworks documented with irreplaceable symbols

Eh Hussain

Christie’s auction house announced the holding of an exhibition dedicated to artworks documented by non-fungible symbols, the symbols known by the abbreviation NFT, at its regional headquarters in the Dubai International Financial Center during the period from 7 to 29 March.

The holding of this exhibition, in which the artworks will not be for sale, will be a crucial stepping stone in Christie’s endeavors to expand into the art market. Documented by the irreplaceable symbols of the Middle East, according to Susie Sikorsky, specialist in contemporary Middle Eastern art at Christie’s Dubai, the exhibition makes the global auction house “a pioneer in the region and in a country that has become a global hub for innovation and sustainable thinking across all sectors, which includes currencies.” and encrypted digital arts. She said: “Block Party is taking place at a perfect moment for us at Christie’s, as we seek to reconcile our market leadership in the field of artwork documented with irreplaceable tokens, with a theater that dynamically blends cryptocurrency, arts and luxury.”

For his part, Noah David, Head of Non-fungible Art Works at Christie’s, said that Christie’s has partnered in organizing this exhibition with art consultant Daria Borisova, who has brought together many influencers in the field of digital arts and non-fungible symbols, within the exhibition. The wonderful “Block Party”. He added: “I am proud to host a part of this beautiful and thoughtful exhibition at Christie’s galleries in Dubai, and I hope that this event will shed light in the region on this new and interesting movement in the world of contemporary art.”

The vision is based on Christie’s Creativity As a leading arts and luxury company, Christie’s is keen to invest in expertise to identify and seize opportunities to engage with new audiences and markets. In this context, Christie’s has continued to define, build and launch the auction market for this completely new category of artwork documented with irreplaceable symbols, after it succeeded in 2020 studying the landscape of this type of artwork and quickly adapting to the requirements of Digital Culture and the Opportunities It Offers.

Painting How long will you (2021) by Nicole Ruggiero (born


Christie’s sales of artwork documented with non-fungible symbols began with digital arts, after the success of the first event in this field held in cooperation with the Robert Ellis project, which was followed by the resounding success of the “Beeple” project, which prompted Christie’s to expand to include fields of Design and luxury too, while it is currently looking at many new opportunities within a wider range of fields while developing its market strategy according to developments.

For the upcoming exhibition in Dubai, Christie’s has once again partnered with Daria Borisova, curator and independent technical advisor, who was responsible for including the first artwork documented with irreplaceable symbols in the 2021 course From the Art Gallery 1-54, which was held in London in cooperation with Christie’s. This work presented in the exhibition was part of Osinachi’s series Contrasting Shadows of Water.

The Dubai exhibition will include another work by this artist that reflects the idea of ​​“isolation in one’s space while surrounded by nature.” Prince Osinachi Igwe was born and raised in Aba, Nigeria. The 1991 year-old, widely known as Africa’s premier digital arts pioneer, has created iconic paintings that reflect his personal experiences with a unique visual philosophy. In the year 2021, he became the first African artist to sell a work documented with irreplaceable symbols at an auction by Christie’s in conjunction with Art Exhibition 1-2021.

2021 2021 It is scheduled to display 10 digital artworks by eight international artists, including:

Olive Allen – artist residing in New York presented through Her work is a playful, critical view of hype by blending popular cultural elements such as Pokémon cards, Ferbies and HyperBeast with social criticism. He captures the world around him by capturing the moments, faces, and communities that surround him, and brings them together through his camera lens. Justin currently resides in Los Angeles.

Jose Delbo – This artist joined the digital art space at the age of

years, after a long and successful career as an illustrator for a number of Comic books, such as Buck Rogers, The Monkees and Mod Squad, and Wonder Woman. He released his first documented comic with irreplaceable symbols of the year 2020 becoming one of the most sought-after artists in the digital arts scene.

Trevor Jones – Canadian artist and one of the first in the world to Incorporating augmented reality into their artwork, breaking records in five of the best digital art markets.

“Round Collective” – a digital work by this group of two artists was among the first to receive digital work. It is one of the great museums. Today, the duo’s work can be found in the New Orleans Museum of Art, the National Gallery of South Africa, and the Medianocchio Foundation in Spain. Christie’s made a historic breakthrough in 29 in May 2021 when it presented the first traditional painting accompanied by a certified copy of non-replaceable symbols, created by “Rwind”, which was sold for 150, dollars.

Nicole Ruggiero – This artist’s work focuses on technology and surrounding culture

Sarah Zaker – Recent Participant of “The Gateway,” event presented by NFTNow and Christie’s at Art Basel Miami

”, and works to combine the wonderful with the strange in her art through humor, mysticism and the interaction between advanced and outdated technologies.